“Yuma Teen Found Dead in High-Crime Area: Omarion Valenzuela Identified as Victim”

By | July 31, 2023



An 18-year-old Yuma teen, Omarion Valenzuela, was found dead in an area with high crime rate, marking the second homicide in the area this year. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is still searching for the suspect. The cause of Valenzuela’s death has not been disclosed. Despite the crime in the area, some locals still feel safe. The Sheriff’s Office is urging anyone with information to come forward. KYMA reported

Yuma Teen Found dead in High-Crime Area, Suspect at Large

YUMA, Ariz. – Tragedy struck in Yuma as a local teenager lost his life in an area known for its high crime rate. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for the suspect involved in this incident.

The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has reported that this marks the second homicide in the area this year. The victim has been identified as 18-year-old Omarion Valenzuela, a resident of Yuma, Arizona. Authorities arrived at the scene on Sunday morning, near Fifth Street and May Avenue, after Valenzuela had already passed away. The cause of death has not been disclosed by the deputies.

Unfortunately, this area has seen its fair share of criminal activity. Tania Pavlak, Yuma County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, stated that this is the second homicide in the area this year, following three in 2022. Despite these statistics, some locals still feel safe in the community.

Johnathan Barnes, a Yuma resident, expressed his perspective on the matter, saying, “This is not a dangerous place right here. I was born and raised right here, and everyone here works hard and tries just to get by. But there are gang problems right here, just random as far as I’m concerned.”

No description of the suspect has been provided at this time. If you have any information regarding this case, please contact the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office or call 78-CRIME to remain anonymous.



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