“Victory and Vengeance: Ilja Dragunov vs. Carmelo Hayes at Great American Bash 2023”

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In the opening match of WWE NXT Great American Bash 2023, Dragon Lee, Nathan Frazer, Valentina Feroz, and Yulisa Leon took on Meta-Four. Despite Meta-Four using cheap tactics, Leon and Feroz refused to be defeated in their premium live event debut. They eliminated Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson, leaving Dragon Lee to secure the victory with a running tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT on Oro Mensah. It was an exciting opener, with Leon and Feroz showcasing their improvement and determination. Dragon Lee’s win was overshadowed by his peers, but he deserves a bigger spotlight in the future. The match received a grade of B. Kevin Berge reported

WWE NXT Great American Bash 2023 Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, Highlights

WWE NXT kicked off the “biggest party of the summer” early with Great American Bash 2023. The event was filled with thrilling matches and unforgettable moments as the NXT superstars battled it out for glory. Let’s take a look at the results, winners, live grades, reactions, and highlights from this action-packed event.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Carmelo Hayes: NXT Championship

In one of the most highly anticipated matches of the night, Carmelo Hayes defended his NXT Championship against Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov had staked his claim to the title and was determined to make his promise a reality. The match was a fierce battle, with both competitors giving it their all. In the end, Dragunov emerged victorious, staking his claim as the new NXT Champion.

Thea Hail vs. Tiffany Stratton

In a matchup that had the Chase University declaring Thea Hail as the uncrowned champion, she faced off against Tiffany Stratton. Hail had made Stratton tap out in the past, and she aimed to prove her university right by defeating her once again. However, Stratton proved to be a tough opponent, and The Center of the Universe was still too big for Hail to conquer. Stratton emerged victorious, leaving Hail with a bitter defeat.

Dominik Mysterio vs. Wes Lee vs. Mustafa Ali: NXT North American Championship

In a chaotic triple threat match, Dominik Mysterio, Wes Lee, and Mustafa Ali fought to crown the true and fair champion of the NXT North American Championship. With the help of Judgment Day, Mysterio managed to steal the title from Lee ahead of his match with Ali at Great American Bash. All three competitors put on a spectacular show, but in the end, it was Ali who emerged as the new NXT North American Champion.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo vs. Gallus: NXT Tag Team Championships

Tony D’Angelo found himself in jail because of Gallus, but with the clever acting of Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo, The Underboss earned his freedom and a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships. D’Angelo and Lorenzo faced off against Gallus in a thrilling tag team match. Both teams gave it their all, but in the end, D’Angelo and Lorenzo emerged victorious, becoming the new NXT Tag Team Champions.


Roxanne Perez vs. Blair Davenport: Weapons Wild Match

Roxanne Perez sought to prove her mettle and get revenge against the dangerous Blair Davenport in a Weapons Wild match. The match was filled with intense moments and brutal weapon attacks. Perez showed her resilience and determination, but Davenport proved to be too much to handle. Davenport emerged victorious, leaving Perez with a heartbreaking loss.

Gable Steveson vs. Baron Corbin: Debut Match

In his highly anticipated debut match, Gable Steveson faced off against Baron Corbin. Steveson showcased his incredible athleticism and strength, leaving the crowd in awe. Despite Corbin’s attempts to undermine him, Steveson proved his worth and emerged victorious in his debut match.

The Great American Bash 2023 was a night filled with talent, potential, and unforgettable moments. The NXT superstars delivered a show that made the brand proud. With new champions crowned and rivalries intensifying, fans can expect even more excitement and action in the future of WWE NXT.


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