Megalodon Tooth Hunter Attacked by Alligator: Horrifying Moment Water Turns Red

By | July 30, 2023



A terrifying incident unfolded in the Myakka River in Orlando, Florida, when a shark tooth hunter was attacked by an alligator. Jeffrey Heim, who was searching for a megalodon tooth at the river’s bottom, felt something strike him and soon realized he was being bitten by a large female alligator. The attack was captured on a GoPro camera strapped to Heim’s head, which also recorded the water turning red from his injuries. Heim managed to stay calm and swim to safety, but required hospitalization and received 34 staples in his head. Despite the ordeal, Heim continues his passion for collecting and selling ancient shark teeth through his company, SHRKco, and donates the profits to ocean research organizations. By Claudia Aoraha, Senior Reporter For Dailymail.Com reported

Title: Terrifying Encounter: Megalodon Tooth Hunter Attacked by Alligator in Murky Florida River


In a shocking incident that unfolded two years ago, an adventurous shark tooth hunter experienced a harrowing encounter with a large female alligator while diving in the murky depths of the Myakka River in Orlando, Florida. Jeffrey Heim, a passionate explorer and owner of SHRKco, a company that collects and sells ancient shark teeth, was left with severe injuries after being bitten on the head by the ferocious reptile. This article delves into the horrifying moment when the water turned red, capturing the terrifying event on a GoPro strapped to Heim’s head, and explores his remarkable survival story.

The Attack

While sifting through the sand at the river’s bottom, hoping to uncover a valuable megalodon tooth, Heim suddenly felt a powerful strike against his head. Unbeknownst to him, a large female alligator had clamped its jaws down on his scalp not once, but twice, before Heim realized the gravity of the situation. The GoPro camera, recording the entire ordeal, captured the disturbing sight of bubbles and a violent jolt before sinking to the riverbed. Although the alligator did not appear on camera, the water around Heim quickly transformed into a sickening shade of crimson as blood poured from his skull.


The Role of the GoPro

Heim credits the waterproof GoPro strapped to his head for potentially saving his life. Had it not been for the camera, his injuries could have been far worse. The footage from the GoPro, although distressing, provides a unique perspective on the attack and serves as a testament to Heim’s courage and resilience.

Surviving the Attack

Despite the severity of his wounds, Heim managed to remain composed and avoid further harm. With the alligator’s initial bites targeting his scalp and hand, he swiftly made his way to the riverbank and called for help. He was later rushed to the hospital, where medical professionals administered 34 staples to his head to close the deep wounds. Heim documented his journey to recovery on TikTok, sharing clips of himself in a hospital bed before undergoing surgeries. The images revealed the extent of his injuries, including severe cuts, bruised eyes, and swollen features.

Reflecting on the Experience

Recalling the incident, Heim admitted that while he was aware of the dangers involved in his pursuit, he may not have taken them seriously enough at the time. The sheer power of the alligator left an indelible mark on his memory, appearing larger than it actually was in the midst of the chaotic encounter. Astonishingly, despite the terrifying attack, Heim’s passion for megalodon tooth collecting has only intensified. He envisions creating a museum showcasing his best finds, ensuring that his story lives on even after he is no longer here.


Jeffrey Heim’s encounter with a large female alligator during his search for megalodon teeth in the Myakka River serves as a chilling reminder of the unpredictable nature of wildlife. The GoPro footage captured the terrifying event, turning the water a haunting shade of red as blood poured from Heim’s wounds. Despite the severity of his injuries, Heim’s resilience and determination have not wavered. He continues to pursue his passion for ancient shark tooth collection through his company, SHRKco, and generously donates his profits to support ocean research organizations. Through his survival and unwavering spirit, Heim’s story of resilience and determination will undoubtedly inspire others to respect and appreciate the wonders of nature while pursuing their own passions..

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