“30 Dead Dogs Found in Horrific Conditions at Ohio Animal Rescue”

Approximately 30 dead dogs and puppies were found in fridges and freezers at an animal rescue in Butler County, Ohio. The dogs were discovered in various stages of decomposition, and more than 90 dogs and puppies were rescued from what authorities described as “the most horrible conditions they have ever seen.” The owner of the rescue, Rhonda Murphy, is facing charges of neglect and cruelty to companion animals. Nic F. Anderson,Celina Tebor reported

Ohio Animal Rescue Discovers 30 dead Dogs in Horrific Conditions

Butler County, Ohio

A shocking discovery was made by deputies in Butler County, Ohio, when they found the remains of approximately 30 dogs and puppies in various stages of decomposition at an animal rescue. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office described the conditions as the most horrible they had ever seen.

The dogs and puppies were being kept at two different properties in Madison Township, housed in structures that were far from suitable. One structure was a garage with over 25 caged canines, enduring temperatures as high as 89 degrees indoors.

The Sheriff’s Office stated that “numerous animals” were kept in cages together, lacking food, water, and living in filth. Among the distressing discoveries was a cage containing a mother dog and eight newborn puppies.

Authorities also found 11 adult canines in the main house, with some of them caged together. The deceased dogs were discovered in five refrigerators and freezers, some of which were not even functioning.

The conditions were so unbearable that the deputies had to leave the structure multiple times due to the overwhelming stench. The owner of the rescue, identified as Rhonda Murphy, now faces numerous charges of neglect and cruelty to companion animals.

Further information or comments from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office have not been obtained yet. CNN’s attempts to reach out to the office have been unsuccessful. Additionally, no attorney for Murphy has been identified or contacted.

This shocking case of neglect and cruelty highlights the importance of proper regulation and oversight in animal rescues to ensure the well-being of animals in their care.