Instagram Threads Shortcut and Badge Update 2021″ : “Latest Instagram Update: Discover the New Threads Shortcut Feature and 60-Character Badge Limit

By | July 22, 2023



“New Instagram Update: Threads Shortcut and Badge Feature”

Instagram’s New Update: Show Threads Shortcut and More

Instagram, the globally popular photo and video sharing social networking service, has a reputation for constantly updating its platform to enhance user experience. From adding new features to refining the existing ones, Instagram never fails to surprise its users with its innovative advancements. The most recent update that has caught everyone’s attention is the ‘Show Threads Shortcut’ update, the introduction of the ‘Threads Badge’, and the removal of hashtags (#) and mentions (@). Let’s delve deeper into these updates and understand how they can revolutionize the Instagram user experience.

Show Threads Shortcut Update

Instagram has introduced a new feature called ‘Show Threads Shortcut’ that allows users to switch between direct messages and threads seamlessly. This feature is designed to enhance communication by making it easy to navigate between different conversations. It simplifies the process of finding a specific conversation thread and eliminates the need to scroll through numerous messages.

This update is a response to the feedback from many users who found it challenging to manage multiple conversations. The ‘Show Threads Shortcut’ feature is expected to boost user engagement and make Instagram a more interactive platform.

Introduction of the Instagram Threads Badge

Another significant update is the introduction of the ‘Threads Badge’. This feature is designed to make it easier for users to identify and manage their close friends’ list. When you add someone to your close friends’ list, a green badge appears next to their profile picture, making it easy to identify them in your feed or stories.

This feature not only simplifies the process of managing your close friends’ list but also adds a layer of personalization to the Instagram experience. It makes Instagram a more intimate platform, where users can maintain a separate space for their close friends.

Instagram Removes Hashtags and Mentions

In an unexpected move, Instagram has decided to remove hashtags (#) and mentions (@) from its platform. This change has been implemented to make the platform more user-friendly and less cluttered. The use of hashtags and mentions has been a key feature of Instagram since its inception, but over time, it has been observed that these elements often clutter the platform and make it difficult for users to navigate through the content.


The removal of hashtags and mentions is expected to streamline the Instagram interface and make it more engaging. It is a bold move by Instagram, but it is aimed at improving the overall user experience.

Wrapping Up

Instagram’s continuous efforts to upgrade its platform are commendable. The ‘Show Threads Shortcut’ update, the introduction of the ‘Threads Badge’, and the removal of hashtags and mentions demonstrate Instagram’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and experience. These changes not only streamline the Instagram interface but also make it more interactive and personalized.

As Instagram continues to evolve, users can expect more such innovative updates that will further enhance their social media experience. So, keep an eye out for the latest updates and make sure to leverage these features to make the most out of your Instagram journey.


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