“Fargo Shooting Claims Life of Officer Jake Wallin; Investigation Continues”

By | July 18, 2023



Authorities in Fargo, North Dakota are providing few answers regarding a shooting that took place on Friday, July 14, which resulted in the death of a police officer. The Fargo Police Department has declined to comment on the incident, referring all questions to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), which is leading the investigation. The shooter has been identified as 37-year-old Fargo resident Mohamad Barakat, but authorities have not provided information on his motive or how he obtained the gun used in the shooting.

North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley stated that the case is still under investigation and that the BCI does not have enough information to determine if the shooting was part of a terrorist attack. The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are also involved in the investigation. The ATF is currently tracing the gun used in the shooting to determine how it was obtained.

Authorities have reassured the public that there is no immediate danger, but have not provided any further details about the incident or the investigation. Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney expressed his frustration at the lack of information, particularly regarding the motive behind the shooting.

The shooting occurred after police responded to a routine crash on 25th Street near Ninth Avenue South. The suspect opened fire on the officers, killing one and injuring two others. Another individual, Karlee Koswick, was also injured in the incident. The Fargo Police Department initially referred to the incident as a “critical incident” rather than a shooting.

As the investigation continues, authorities are urging the public to remain patient while they gather and analyze information to determine the motive and circumstances surrounding the shooting..