Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Kanwariyas in Western Uttar Pradesh

By | July 16, 2023



Tragic accident Claims Lives of Devout Kanwariyas in Uttar Pradesh

A religious procession in Western Uttar Pradesh turned into a tragedy when a group of Kanwariyas, devout followers of Lord Shiva, were electrocuted while returning from a pilgrimage in Haridwar Bhawanpur’s Rali Chauhan village in Meerut district. The incident occurred as their vehicle accidentally came into contact with a dangerously low-hanging high-tension power line, resulting in the deaths of five people and injuries to an equal number.

The high-voltage electric current surged through the vehicle and into the crowd, knocking down devotees one after another. Chaos ensued as villagers called for the electricity supply to be shut down, but unfortunately, for many victims, it was too late. One pilgrim was declared dead at the scene, and four others have since succumbed to their injuries. Five more victims are currently receiving treatment, with two in critical condition.

The tragedy sparked anger among the villagers, leading to road blockades and demands for action against the electricity department officials for their negligence. Many villagers blamed the accident on the lack of preparation for the Kanwar Yatra, the largest religious gathering in India. This annual pilgrimage attracts millions of participants from various states, who demonstrate their devotion by walking barefoot alongside vehicles on highways, dressed in saffron attire.

This incident highlights the need for better safety measures and awareness during religious processions. It is essential for authorities to ensure that power lines are properly maintained and that vehicles used during such events are not at risk of coming into contact with them. The demand for accountability and justice from the villagers serves as a reminder that negligence can have devastating consequences.

This unfortunate incident also serves as a reminder of a similar tragedy that occurred in Tripura’s Unakoti district, where seven people, including two children, were killed and 16 others injured during the ‘Jagganath rath yatra’ when a religious chariot touched an overhead high-voltage electric wire.


It is crucial for authorities to learn from these incidents and take appropriate measures to prevent such accidents in the future. The safety and well-being of devotees should always be a priority during religious processions and gatherings..