“Tragic Discovery: Naked Thai Woman Found Dead in Southern Thailand Forest”

By | July 13, 2023



The dead body of a naked Thai woman was found in a forest in the southern province of Nakhon Si Tammarat, sparking an investigation into the cause of her death. The woman, identified as 49-year-old Suwanna, was discovered by officers from the Kanom Police Station and a rescue team.

According to reports, the woman had been dead for approximately nine hours before her body was found. Tragically, she was found naked and had sustained animal bite wounds, resulting in the loss of her eyes and face. Despite no visible signs of physical assault, the Maharat Hospital is conducting an investigation to determine the cause of death.

Next to the woman’s body, officers found her belongings, including her shoes, a bag of medicine, and a tote bag. Inside the bag, they discovered her identification card, cash, driving license, and mobile phone. This helped identify her as Suwanna, who was on the Mirror Foundation’s missing person’s list and a resident of the Baan-Na Sarn district.

A letter, believed to be a suicide note, was also found at the scene. The hand-written messages described Suwanna’s struggles and difficulties in life. However, due to the wetness of the letter, some of the messages were difficult to read, making it challenging for officers to determine if the case is a murder or suicide.

Suwanna’s family was contacted to inform them of the tragic news. They revealed that she suffered from adenomyosis and battled with depression. Prior to her disappearance, Suwanna had informed her family that she would be visiting Surat Thani Hospital for treatment.

The investigation into the cause of Suwanna’s death is currently ongoing. Authorities are working to uncover the circumstances surrounding her tragic demise and bring closure to her grieving family..