“Maryland Man Wanted for Murder Arrested in Kanawha County After Traffic Stop”

By | July 13, 2023



A Maryland man wanted for murder has been apprehended in Kanawha County, West Virginia, following a routine traffic stop. The Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office reported that a deputy pulled over a driver on I-64 in the South Charleston area after observing erratic driving behavior, including weaving, swerving, and crossing over the dotted lines multiple times.

The vehicle was registered in North Carolina, and the driver allegedly failed to produce a driver’s license or identification. This led to further investigation, during which the driver was identified as 22-year-old Malik McCormick from Baltimore, Maryland. McCormick is a fugitive from justice and wanted for the murder of his girlfriend, Jaymyra Burrell, and their unborn child.

Authorities allege that McCormick fatally shot Burrell multiple times, resulting in the deaths of both Burrell and the unborn child. McCormick is currently being held without bond at the South Central Regional Jail until Maryland authorities can take custody of him.

This arrest highlights the importance of routine traffic stops and the role law enforcement plays in apprehending individuals wanted for serious crimes. The quick actions of the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office deputy resulted in the capture of a murder suspect, potentially preventing further harm to the community. It is a reminder of the dedication and bravery exhibited by law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line to protect and serve.

The arrest also serves as a tragic reminder of the consequences of domestic violence. The loss of two lives, including that of an unborn child, is a stark reminder of the need to address and prevent such heinous acts. It is essential that communities and individuals work together to support victims of domestic violence and promote education and awareness to prevent future tragedies..