“Police Identify Officers Involved in Deadly Shooting of Murder Suspect Matthew Briggs”

By | July 11, 2023



The police officers involved in a deadly shooting of a murder suspect following a high-speed chase have been identified as Lt. Martin Stiles from the Omaha Police Department and Lt. Chad Geer from the Council Bluffs Police Department. The pursuit involved multiple agencies, including Omaha police and Council Bluffs police, and was initiated after Matthew Briggs, who was known to be armed with multiple weapons, was identified as a murder suspect.

The pursuit crossed state lines from Nebraska into Iowa, with Briggs driving at speeds exceeding 100 mph. The chase eventually came to an end in Council Bluffs when an officer stopped Briggs using a PIT maneuver. However, Briggs pointed a weapon at the police, prompting Stiles and Geer to fire their weapons, resulting in his death.

Despite the officers’ efforts and those of first responders, Briggs was pronounced dead at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Stiles, a 23-year veteran, and Geer, a 27-year veteran, have extensive experience in law enforcement.

Prior to the high-speed chase, Briggs had a history of violent incidents. He was wanted for a homicide and had also assaulted a woman and shot at another man before engaging in a carjacking that led to the pursuit. The crime spree began at the home of Briggs’ ex-girlfriend, where a domestic assault occurred earlier that morning.

The identification of the officers involved brings some clarity to the events surrounding the deadly confrontation. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by law enforcement officers in their efforts to protect the public and apprehend dangerous individuals. As further details emerge, it is crucial to recognize the dedication and bravery exhibited by these officers in the face of such challenging circumstances..