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By | May 18, 2024

– Colorado mountain lion hunting
– Colorado mountain lion conservation efforts.

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By Samantha Miller

In a recent guest opinion piece, Andrew Mossman stirred controversy by advocating for the hunting of mountain lions in Colorado. However, in the modern age of conservation and ecological balance, the role of apex predators like mountain lions is crucial for maintaining healthy ecosystems.

Contrary to Mossman’s views, scientific research has shown that mountain lions play a vital role in regulating prey populations and preserving biodiversity. The outdated notion of hunting these majestic creatures for sport is not only unnecessary but also detrimental to the delicate balance of nature.

The Science Behind Mountain Lion Conservation

Over the past five decades, leading lion ecologists have conducted numerous studies to assess the impact of sport hunting on mountain lion populations. From as early as 1971 to recent research in 2023, these studies have consistently shown that mass killing of mountain lions does not result in effective population control.

Furthermore, recreational hunting of mountain lions has been found to increase the risk of human-lion conflicts, posing a threat to both wildlife and human safety. Instead, experts recommend selective targeting of individual lions identified as threats, allowing for effective management without compromising the overall lion population.

Conservation Success Stories

Colorado Parks and Wildlife reported in January 2023 that a significant reduction in the mountain lion population in Colorado’s Arkansas Valley had no remarkable effect on deer populations. Additionally, the Hornocker Wildlife Research Institute found that after artificial population reductions, lion populations naturally rebounded to sustainable levels without human intervention.

With various threats facing mountain lion populations today, such as extreme weather events and habitat loss, the need for responsible conservation efforts is more critical than ever. By respecting the natural balance of ecosystems and protecting apex predators like mountain lions, we can ensure a healthier environment for future generations.

The Ethical Concerns of Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting of mountain lions not only raises ethical concerns but also fails to align with the principles of responsible wildlife management. The use of packs of dogs and other inhumane methods to corner and kill mountain lions for sport is both unsporting and cruel.

By raising awareness about the importance of conservation and opposing trophy hunting practices, organisations like Cats Aren’t Trophies (CATs) are working towards a future where wildlife is respected and protected.

Join the Conservation Effort

If you believe in the importance of preserving mountain lion populations and protecting our natural heritage, consider supporting initiatives like CATs that advocate for responsible conservation practices. Together, we can make a difference in safeguarding the future of Colorado’s wildlife.

For more information on the science behind mountain lion conservation and how you can get involved, visit

Samantha Miller is a resident of Grand Lake and serves as the Campaign Manager for Cats Aren’t Trophies (CATs), a citizen-led effort to ban trophy hunting of mountain lions and fur-trapping of bobcats.


“Colorado mountain lion hunting”
“Colorado mountain lion conservation”.

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