State Attorney General’s : “Ocean County Police Shooting Body-Cam Footage”

By | July 10, 2024



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State officials have released recordings from police body cameras and 911 calls from a fatal officer-involved shooting that took place last year in Manchester. The incident involved 39-year-old Shannon Rose, who was in possession of a firearm when approached by Officers Nicholas Greenwood and Michael Anderson. Despite attempts to negotiate, Rose was shot after about 40 minutes. The body camera footage shows Rose expressing a desire to die and aggressively confronting the police. The investigation is ongoing, overseen by the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability. The release of the recordings aligns with policies to ensure a fair and transparent investigation of fatal police encounters.

1. Ocean County Police Shooting Video
2. Fatal Police Incident Footage Ocean County

Tragic Manchester Shooting Incident Reveals Disturbing Details

Last year, a tragic incident unfolded in Manchester that left the community reeling. State officials have recently released recordings from police body cameras and 911 calls related to the fatal officer-involved shooting. The incident took place on December 5, 2023, on Elizabeth Avenue, where officers Nicholas Greenwood and Michael Anderson encountered 39-year-old Shannon Rose, who was in distress and armed with a firearm.

Desperate Negotiations Turn Deadly

Upon arriving at the scene, police attempted to negotiate with Rose to surrender his weapon peacefully. However, after approximately 40 minutes of intense dialogue, the situation escalated, leading to officers Greenwood and Anderson firing shots at Rose. Tragically, Rose did not survive the encounter, and a firearm was recovered near his body.

Chilling Body Camera Footage

The released body camera footage provides a chilling insight into the events that transpired that fateful evening. Rose can be heard expressing his desire to die and urging the police to end his life. The intense and emotional exchange between Rose and the officers paints a harrowing picture of the turmoil that unfolded on Elizabeth Avenue.

Investigation Underway

Following the incident, the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA) launched an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding Rose’s death. The goal of the investigation is to ensure transparency and fairness in evaluating fatal police encounters. The recordings from the body cameras and 911 calls are crucial pieces of evidence in shedding light on what transpired that evening.

Community Shock and Grief

The Manchester community has been left in shock and grief following the tragic events of that night. The loss of a life under such circumstances is always deeply unsettling, and the release of the recordings has reignited conversations about police protocol and mental health crises.

Call for Transparency and Accountability

As the investigation continues, there is a growing call for transparency and accountability in how law enforcement agencies handle similar situations in the future. It is essential that the findings of the OPIA investigation are made public to address any concerns or questions that may arise from the community.

Final Thoughts

As the Manchester community grapples with the aftermath of this tragic incident, there is a pressing need for open dialogue and reflection on how to prevent such events from occurring in the future. The release of the recordings serves as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges that law enforcement officers face daily.