Moi era abductions William Ruto serial liar: Kenyan Police Abductions: William Ruto’s Serial Lies Exposed

By | June 23, 2024



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@Mwihakiwanganga @CNNAfrica @CNN @BBCAfrica @BBCBreaking @BBCWorld @ABC @FoxNews @AlJazeeraWorld @WilliamsRuto We are back in moi era where abductions of innocent people are done by the so called Kenya police ,nis Mr William ruto he is a serial liar. Don't listen to the words he says all are lies

In a tweet by Glen Gordon, he expresses concern about the return to a “moi era” where innocent people are being abducted by the Kenya police. He accuses Mr. William Ruto of being a serial liar and advises not to trust anything he says as it is all lies. This tweet highlights the ongoing issue of police brutality and political dishonesty in Kenya. It serves as a reminder to the public to be critical of the information they receive and to stand against injustice.

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The recent tweet by Glen Gordon has sparked outrage and concern among Kenyan citizens, shedding light on the alleged abductions of innocent people by the Kenya police. The tweet specifically calls out Mr. William Ruto, accusing him of being a serial liar and urging the public not to believe his words as they are all allegedly lies.

The mention of being back in the “moi era” is a reference to a dark period in Kenyan history marked by political repression and human rights violations under former President Daniel arap Moi. The comparison suggests a return to an era of fear and uncertainty, where individuals are at risk of being targeted by those in power.

The allegations of abductions by the police are deeply troubling and raise serious concerns about the rule of law and the protection of human rights in Kenya. If true, these actions would represent a gross abuse of power and a violation of the rights of individuals to due process and a fair trial.

Accusations of being a serial liar are particularly damaging for a public figure like Mr. William Ruto, who holds a position of significant influence and authority. In a country where trust in political leaders is already low, such allegations only serve to further erode public confidence in the government and its institutions.

It is important for these allegations to be thoroughly investigated and for those responsible to be held accountable for their actions. The rights of all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations or beliefs, must be respected and protected by the authorities.

In a democratic society, freedom of speech and the right to express dissenting opinions are fundamental rights that must be upheld. It is essential for journalists, activists, and ordinary citizens to be able to speak out against injustice and hold those in power accountable without fear of reprisal.

As the story continues to unfold, it is crucial for the media to play a responsible role in reporting on these allegations and ensuring that the voices of those affected are heard. Organizations such as @CNNAfrica, @BBCAfrica, @ABC, @AlJazeeraWorld, and others have a vital role to play in shining a light on human rights abuses and advocating for justice and accountability.

In conclusion, the allegations of abductions and lies made in Glen Gordon’s tweet are deeply concerning and warrant further investigation. It is essential for the authorities in Kenya to take these allegations seriously and to ensure that the rights of all individuals are protected. The international community, including media organizations like @CNN, @BBCBreaking, and @FoxNews, must also continue to monitor the situation and advocate for justice and human rights in Kenya.