Edward Pratte : “Wolcott woman’s credit card used by man after death”

By | June 19, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Credit card fraud investigation
2. Suspect arrested for identity theft

A Southington man is facing fraud charges for allegedly using a woman’s credit card to make purchases after she was run over and killed in a Wolcott driveway. Edward Pratte, 41, was arrested and charged with illegal use of a credit card, payment card fraud, and larceny. Pratte is linked to the victim through a mutual friend, Brandon Hamel, who was involved in the incident. Hamel and another man have also been charged in connection with the death. The investigation revealed a series of suspicious actions involving the victim’s credit card and life insurance policy, leading to further legal complications for those involved.

1. Suspect accused of unauthorized credit card use after death
2. Individual facing charges for post-mortem credit card fraud

The Incident in Wolcott, Connecticut

In a recent development in Wolcott, Connecticut, a Southington man has been arrested on fraud charges for allegedly using a woman’s credit card to make multiple purchases. This incident occurred about a month after the tragic death of the woman in a driveway in Wolcott.

Details of the Arrest

Edward Pratte, aged 41, was taken into custody last Friday by the Wolcott Police Department. He has been charged with illegal use of a credit card, payment card fraud, and fifth-degree larceny. Pratte posted a bond of $5,000 following his arrest and is scheduled to appear in Waterbury Superior Court next Tuesday.

The Tragic Incident

The arrest of Pratte is linked to the death of 37-year-old Alexandra Standish, who was run over in a driveway on Central Avenue in Wolcott on February 10. Standish was dating 36-year-old Brandon Hamel, who is identified as a friend of Pratte. The incident occurred in the early morning hours, and Standish later succumbed to her injuries at a hospital.

Connection to Previous Arrests

Prior to Pratte’s arrest, both Hamel and another individual, James Sadlowski, had been charged in connection with Standish’s death. Police allege that there was a delay in getting Standish medical attention after Sadlowski ran her over with his pickup truck. Neither man called 911 at the time of the incident.

Details of the Fraudulent Activity

The arrest warrant affidavit states that Pratte used Standish’s credit card, which was reported as fraudulent by her father. The purchases were made at a car company in Utah on March 4, totaling about $637. Pratte allegedly used the billing information belonging to Hamel for the transactions, which were for software upgrades to enhance a vehicle’s performance.

Further Investigation

Investigators discovered that Standish had a life insurance policy worth $100,000, with Hamel named as the beneficiary. Following her death, Hamel sought to collect the insurance money and even brought Pratte to the firm managing the policy, claiming he was his brother. However, discrepancies in the paperwork raised suspicions.

Legal Ramifications

Hamel has been charged with interfering with police and intentional cruelty to persons in connection with Standish’s death. He remains in custody on a $100,000 bond. Sadlowski is facing charges of second-degree manslaughter, evading responsibility of a death, intentional cruelty to persons, among others, and is held on a $250,000 bond.

In summary, the unfolding events in Wolcott have shed light on a complex web of deceit and tragedy surrounding the untimely death of Alexandra Standish. The arrest of Edward Pratte brings forth new revelations in a case that continues to grip the community and authorities alike.