Cruz hires Apex Geoscience for Hector Silver-Cobalt Project in Ontario.: Cruz Apex Geoscience – Hector Silver-Cobalt – Ontario Project

By | June 19, 2024



1. Cruz Engages Apex Geoscience
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Cruz Engages Apex Geoscience for the Hector Silver-Cobalt Project in Ontario

Cruz Battery Metals Corp. has engaged APEX Geoscience Ltd. to update its 43-101 Technical Report on the Hector Silver-Cobalt Project in Cobalt, Ontario. With silver prices rising, the company is strategically updating its projects for shareholder value. Cruz has various projects across North America, including lithium projects in Nevada and cobalt projects in Idaho. The company’s management cautions that past results on nearby properties may not guarantee similar mineralization on their own. To stay updated on Cruz’s news, email For more information, contact CEO James Nelson at 604-899-9150 or visit Follow Cruz on Twitter @CruzBattMetals for the latest updates.

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Cruz Battery Metals Corp. has recently made an exciting announcement regarding its Hector Silver-Cobalt Project in Ontario. The company has engaged APEX Geoscience Ltd., based in Edmonton, Alberta, to assist in updating the 43-101 Technical Report on the 5,542-acre project located in the historic silver-cobalt producing region of Cobalt, Ontario.

This move comes at a time when silver prices are on the rise in 2024, making it an opportune moment for Cruz to update its silver-cobalt projects. Jim Nelson, President of Cruz Battery Metals, expressed his satisfaction with the engagement of Apex, a company they have successfully worked with in the past. With over $1.5 million in the bank, Cruz is well-positioned to carry out all planned work programs and marketing initiatives for 2024. This strategic decision will not only provide Cruz with an increased stream of news flow for the second half of the year but also contribute to building shareholder value.

It is important to note that the technical aspects of this announcement were reviewed and approved by Frank Bain, a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101. Cruz Management also cautions that past results or discoveries on properties in proximity to Cruz may not necessarily indicate the presence of mineralization on the company’s properties.

Cruz Battery Metals Corp. currently has several projects across North America, including the Solar Lithium Project and the Clayton Valley Lithium Project in Nevada, as well as the Hector Cobalt Project in Cobalt, Ontario. Additionally, the company’s Idaho projects comprise the Idaho Cobalt Belt Project and the Idaho Star Cobalt Project. Management advises that historical results from properties near Cruz may not be indicative of mineralization on Cruz’s properties.

For those interested in staying updated on Cruz’s news, you can send your email address to to be added to the company’s distribution list.

James Nelson serves as the President, Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, and Director of Cruz Battery Metals Corp. For more information on this announcement, you can contact James Nelson directly at 604-899-9150 or via email at You can also visit Cruz’s website at or follow them on Twitter at @CruzBattMetals.

In conclusion, Cruz Battery Metals Corp.’s engagement of APEX Geoscience for the Hector Silver-Cobalt Project in Ontario marks a significant step towards advancing their projects and creating value for shareholders. This strategic move, combined with the company’s strong financial position, sets Cruz on a path for continued success in the mining industry.