Kilyn Lewis Case : “Aurora man unarmed shot police last month”

By | June 16, 2024



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The brother of a 37-year-old man killed by an Aurora Police officer last month has stated that his brother was unarmed during the incident. The shooting of Kilyn Lewis on May 23 remains under investigation, with Aurora Police withholding information on whether he was armed when shot. Family members, dressed in Kilyn’s favorite colors, gathered at his wake to remember him for his love of fishing and family. The family has viewed body-worn camera footage that reportedly shows Kilyn was unarmed and non-threatening. The officer involved has been identified and placed on leave. The incident has sparked a vigil and rally organized by the Denver-Aurora Community Action Committee.

1. Aurora police shooting unarmed man
2. Brother’s account of Aurora police shooting incident

The Tragic Shooting in Aurora

The brother of a 37-year-old man tragically killed by an Aurora Police officer last month has come forward with shocking details about the incident. Kilyn Lewis was fatally shot on May 23 near his home as the SWAT team attempted to serve a warrant. The circumstances surrounding his death have sparked controversy and raised questions about police conduct.

Eye-Witness Account

According to Kiawa Lewis, the family has reviewed video footage of the shooting and asserts that Kilyn Lewis was unarmed at the time of the incident. Despite Aurora Police declining to comment on whether the man was armed, Kiawa Lewis maintains that his brother posed no threat to law enforcement officers.

A Heartbreaking Farewell

At a wake held for Kilyn Lewis, family and friends gathered to pay their respects and celebrate his life. Dressed in his favorite colors of red, black, and white, loved ones honored Kilyn Lewis for his passions, including fishing and rap music. The chapel at Pipkin Braswell Funeral Home was filled with memories of a man cherished for his love of family.

Remembering Kilyn Lewis

During the wake, Kiawa Lewis spoke fondly of his brother’s supportive nature and his unwavering commitment to family. An emotional tribute included prayers, music, and a video montage of Kilyn Lewis, highlighting his impact on those around him. His wife, Anndrec Lewis, expressed her desire for Kilyn’s name to be forever remembered, ensuring his legacy lives on.

The Police Response

Aurora Police have revealed that the shooting took place at the Edenbrook condominiums on May 23, where officers were attempting to arrest Kilyn Lewis in connection to an attempted homicide case in Denver. The incident escalated when an Aurora SWAT officer discharged his weapon, resulting in Kilyn Lewis being fatally wounded. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

A Tragic Loss

The death of Kilyn Lewis marks a devastating chapter for the Lewis family, who tragically lost Kilyn’s twin brother, Keyron Lewis, in 2022. Their mother, LaRonda Jones, expressed the profound grief of losing both sons and the bittersweet hope of their reunion in the afterlife.

Community Support

In response to Kilyn Lewis’s untimely death, the Denver-Aurora Community Action Committee has organized a vigil and rally outside Aurora City Hall on June 21. The event aims to honour Kilyn Lewis’s memory and call for justice in the wake of this tragic incident.