Steph De Lander agrees to PCO in TNA romance.: StephDeLanderPCO-TNALoveStoryYes

By | June 15, 2024



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Steph De Lander says ‘yes’ to PCO in TNA love story

“Against All Odds (June 14, 2024) delivered quality matches, but the real highlight was the love story between Steph De Lander and PCO. The French-Canadian Frankenstein faced Rich Swann with extra motivation, overcoming interference to secure a victory. Following the match, SDL finally accepted PCO’s offer for a date, sending the Impact Zone into a frenzy. Fans are excited about the potential PCO babies in the future. For more details on the event, including full results, visit the link provided. Share your thoughts on Steph De Lander’s decision to go on a date with PCO!”

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Against All Odds (June 14, 2024) was a night filled with thrilling matches and jaw-dropping moments in the Impact Zone. However, amidst the fierce competition and intense rivalries, there was one story that captured the hearts of fans – a love story. The question on everyone’s mind was whether Steph De Lander would say ‘yes’ to PCO.

The evening kicked off with PCO facing off against Rich Swann in a heated match. The French-Canadian Frankenstein was determined to prove himself after AJ Francis stole the black rose that PCO had given to SDL. Despite facing interference from Francis, Swann managed to gain the upper hand with a spectacular 450 splash off the apron. But PCO’s resilience and strength shone through as he mounted a comeback, eventually securing the victory with a breathtaking moonsault onto Swann.

As the dust settled from the intense match, all eyes turned to Steph De Lander as she stood in the ring, holding the answer to PCO’s heartfelt love letter. The anticipation in the arena was palpable as SDL teased the crowd before finally revealing her decision – she accepted PCO’s offer to go on a date. The Impact Zone erupted in cheers and applause, celebrating the budding romance between the two wrestlers.

The prospect of PCO and SDL embarking on a romantic journey together had fans buzzing with excitement. The image of little PCO babies running around the Impact Zone sparked laughter and joy among the audience. The chemistry between PCO and SDL was undeniable, and fans couldn’t wait to see where their newfound relationship would lead.

The love story between Steph De Lander and PCO added a unique and heartwarming element to Against All Odds, showcasing a different side to the world of professional wrestling. It reminded fans that amidst the fierce competition and intense rivalries, there is always room for love and connection.

In conclusion, Steph De Lander saying ‘yes’ to PCO in TNA’s love story was a moment that captured the hearts of fans and added a touch of romance to the world of wrestling. As we eagerly await to see what the future holds for this newfound couple, one thing is for certain – love conquers all, even in the world of professional wrestling.

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