Lewiston Man Shot Dead : Police: Arsonist and shooting suspect killed while out on bail

By | June 15, 2024



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On Jun. 15, in Auburn, a Lewiston man was shot dead on a Russell Avenue rooftop after a series of violent events. Leein Amos Hinkley, 43, was involved in a home invasion, set fire to two homes, and shot at police before being killed in a standoff. The incident left a dead gunman, burnt homes, a missing man, and a shaken neighborhood. Maine State Police and Auburn Police Department provided details at a press conference. The suspect had a history of violent crimes, including a 2011 conviction for domestic violence. The Attorney General’s Office is investigating the shooting involving state troopers.

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Man Shot Dead After Breaking Into Home in Auburn, UK

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a Lewiston man met a tragic end on a Russell Avenue rooftop in Auburn, UK. The incident unfolded after the man, identified as Leein Amos Hinkley, 43, broke into a home, engaged in a physical altercation, set fire to two homes, and exchanged gunfire with the authorities.

Standoff with Law Enforcement

Leein Amos Hinkley, who had a history of violent crime charges dating back to 2011, was released on $1,500 bail just days before the incident. Maine State Police and Auburn Police Department responded to a call from a distressed woman reporting a break-in at her residence. The situation escalated quickly as gunshots were heard, and the woman had to flee her home through a window.

Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene to find a chaotic situation unfolding. Hinkley began firing shots at the police and deputies, leading to a tense standoff. The situation took a turn for the worse as Hinkley set fire to two homes in the neighbourhood, causing panic among residents.

Neighbourhood in Disarray

Residents in the vicinity described the scene as chaotic and frightening. Gillian Johnson, a nearby resident, recounted how she heard gunshots and saw flames erupting from the homes. The sound of explosions added to the terror as law enforcement agencies scrambled to bring the situation under control.

Hosannah Cousineau, another resident in the area, shared her harrowing experience of witnessing the events unfold from her backyard. The fear and uncertainty gripped the neighbourhood as the standoff continued into the early hours of the morning.

Tragic Conclusion

After a tense standoff that lasted several hours, Leein Amos Hinkley made his way onto a rooftop on Russell Avenue. The authorities, including a tactical team from the Maine State Police, were forced to take decisive action to neutralize the threat.

The situation culminated in a tragic outcome as Hinkley was shot and killed by state troopers on the rooftop. The community was left reeling from the shocking turn of events that had unfolded in their midst.

Legal Background

Col. William Ross of the state police highlighted Hinkley’s troubled past, including a previous conviction for domestic violence aggravated assault. The circumstances leading to Hinkley’s release on bail, despite objections from the district attorney’s office, raised questions about the handling of such cases within the judicial system.

The tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in dealing with individuals with a history of violence. The aftermath of the incident left the community shaken and seeking answers to the events that had transpired on that fateful night in Auburn, UK.

For more updates on this developing story, stay tuned to local news outlets and official law enforcement channels for further information.