: Man Charged in Connection to Charles City Sergeant’s Fatal Medical Emergency

By | June 14, 2024



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A 60-year-old man from Portsmouth, Derek Croom, is facing felony charges after an altercation with law enforcement in Charles City County, resulting in the death of beloved Sergeant Floyd Miles Jr. Flowers and flags now adorn the patrol car of the late sergeant, who served the community for 16 years. The incident occurred near John Tyler Memorial Highway and Wayside Road, where Croom approached a deputy and later became agitated, leading to Miles suffering a medical emergency and passing away. The community mourns the loss of the respected sergeant, with his funeral scheduled at Charles City High School. Croom faces multiple felony charges and is currently held without bond at Riverside Regional Jail.

1. Suspect arrested in connection with Charles City officer’s tragic medical incident
2. Individual indicted in connection to Charles City sergeant’s fatal health emergency

Details of the Tragic Incident in Charles City County, Virginia

On a somber Sunday afternoon, tragedy struck in the peaceful town of Charles City County, Virginia. A 60-year-old man, Derek Croom from Portsmouth, found himself in a distressing situation near the intersection of John Tyler Memorial Highway and Wayside Road. Little did he know that this encounter would lead to devastating consequences.

The Untimely Passing of Sergeant Floyd Miles Jr.

The events unfolded swiftly as a seemingly distraught Croom approached a deputy patrolling the area. As tensions escalated, Croom’s agitation turned physical, leading to a confrontation that resulted in the involvement of beloved Sergeant Floyd Miles Jr. Miles, a dedicated member of the Charles City County Sheriff’s Office for 16 years, rushed to the scene to assist his fellow officers. However, the situation took a tragic turn when Miles suffered a sudden medical emergency and later succumbed to it at the hospital.

Community Mourning the Loss of a Hero

The news of Sergeant Miles’s passing sent shockwaves through the close-knit community of Charles City County. Flowers, wreaths, and flags now adorn his patrol car, serving as a poignant reminder of his selfless service and unwavering dedication to duty. The outpouring of support from residents and colleagues alike is a testament to the impact Miles had on those around him.

A Tribute to Sergeant Miles

A memorial in front of a “LOVE” sign now stands as a tribute to Sergeant Miles, symbolizing the love he shared with the community and the love they reciprocated. The emotional messages left at the memorial reflect the deep bond Miles had with the people he served, portraying him as not just a law enforcement officer but a friend and guardian.

Legal Ramifications for Derek Croom

Following the tragic incident, Derek Croom now faces a series of felony charges, including assault of a law enforcement officer, destruction of county property, and obstruction of justice. As the legal process unfolds, Croom remains detained without bond at Riverside Regional Jail, awaiting his day in court.

Final Thoughts and Remembrance

As the community prepares to bid farewell to a fallen hero, the memory of Sergeant Floyd Miles Jr. lives on in the hearts of those he touched. His legacy of service, sacrifice, and compassion will forever be etched in the annals of Charles City County history. May his soul rest in peace, and may his spirit continue to watch over the community he loved.