Columbus Police Shooting : “CPD Shooting Body Camera Footage Released”

By | June 13, 2024



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Late Monday night, Columbus police officers responded to reports of a man in west Columbus carrying what appeared to be a knife. Five officers shot and killed Noel Hernandez after ordering him to drop the weapon in both English and Spanish. Body camera footage revealed Hernandez ignoring commands and charging at officers before being shot. Despite receiving medical aid, he was pronounced dead at the hospital. Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant defended the officers’ actions, stating they followed protocol. Hernandez’s death marks the sixth involving Columbus police this year. Community responses have been mixed, with some calling for systemic change. The officers involved are under investigation and currently not on duty.

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Details of the Incident in West Columbus

Late on a Monday night in West Columbus, near the Georgesville Road area, several Columbus police officers responded to distress calls from concerned citizens. The calls reported a man, later identified as Noel Hernandez, walking around with what appeared to be a knife. The officers quickly sprang into action to address the situation.

Police Response and Body Camera Footage

Upon arriving at the scene, the officers encountered Hernandez, who was allegedly pounding on vehicles with the knife in his hand. Body camera footage released by the Columbus Police Department shows the officers commanding Hernandez to show his hands and drop the weapon in both English and Spanish. Despite repeated commands, Hernandez failed to comply with the officers’ orders.

The situation escalated when Hernandez ignored attempts to subdue him with a stun gun, prompting the officers to open fire. Despite their efforts to render medical aid, Hernandez succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police Chief’s Statement and Community Response

Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant defended the actions of the officers, stating that they followed proper protocol based on the imminent threat they perceived. However, Hernandez’s death marks the sixth incident this year in which Columbus police have been involved in a fatal shooting.

The city’s mobile response unit, designed to deescalate crisis situations, was unavailable on the night of the shooting. This absence has raised concerns among members of the Columbus community, with some questioning the effectiveness of current policing protocols.

Ramon Obey, the executive director of Justice, Unity and Social Transformation (JUST Ohio), expressed frustration with what he sees as systemic issues within the police force. He believes that addressing these deep-rooted issues requires a fundamental restructuring of the existing system.

Investigation and Officer Evaluation

The five officers involved in the shooting are currently under investigation by the Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations. They have been placed on leave and are undergoing evaluation before returning to duty. The outcome of the investigation will determine the next steps in addressing the incident and its implications for the Columbus Police Department.

As the community grapples with the aftermath of this tragic event, questions remain about the effectiveness of current policing practices and the need for systemic reform to prevent similar incidents in the future.