Three Whyte & Mackay whisky distilleries face potential strike action.: Three Whyte Mackay strikes – Whisky distilleries hit
Whisky strikes at Three Whyte – Mackay distilleries

By | June 11, 2024



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Three Whyte & Mackay whisky distilleries could be hit by strikes

GMB members at Whyte & Mackay distilleries in the Highlands and Moray are planning a series of strikes over pay, with walkouts scheduled for June, July, and August. The union reported overwhelming support for strike action following a pay offer of 6% to 7%, with 82% of members across the distilleries backing industrial action. GMB Scotland organiser Lesley-Anne MacAskill stated that members are united in demanding fair recognition for their work. Whyte & Mackay’s head of communication, Kieran Healey-Ryder, confirmed negotiations are ongoing, with plans in place to mitigate the impact of potential strikes on stakeholder groups.

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Three Whyte & Mackay whisky distilleries in the Highlands and Moray are facing the possibility of strikes as GMB members plan industrial action over pay. The distilleries in Alness, Invergordon, and Tamnavoulin could be affected by the upcoming walkouts.

The GMB union members have voted in favor of strikes following what they deemed an unsatisfactory pay offer from Whyte & Mackay. The union reported that support for industrial action was overwhelming, with 82% of members across the three distilleries backing the decision to strike. The high turnout of more than 80% in the ballot indicates a strong level of dissatisfaction among the workers.

Lesley-Anne MacAskill, GMB Scotland organiser in the Highlands, expressed the members’ determination to be fairly recognized for their work. She stated that the company’s refusal to adequately reward them for their contribution to the company’s profits has led to the decision to take action. The GMB members are united in their stance and ready to proceed with strikes to make their voices heard.

On the other hand, Whyte & Mackay’s head of communication and corporate affairs, Kieran Healey-Ryder, acknowledged the proposed strike action and highlighted ongoing negotiations. He mentioned that all sides have agreed to meet in an attempt to find a resolution that could potentially prevent industrial action. However, he also stated that contingency plans have been prepared to minimize any impact on stakeholders in case the strikes proceed.

The situation at the Whyte & Mackay distilleries underscores the importance of fair compensation and recognition for workers’ contributions to a company’s success. It also highlights the significance of effective communication and negotiation between employers and employees to prevent disruptions in operations.

The upcoming strikes could have significant implications for the whisky production at the affected distilleries and may lead to disruptions in supply chains and distribution. It is crucial for both parties to come to a mutually beneficial agreement to avoid prolonged industrial action that could harm the business and its workforce.

As negotiations continue between the GMB union and Whyte & Mackay, it is essential for both sides to engage in constructive dialogue and explore all possible avenues for reaching a resolution. Finding common ground and addressing the concerns of the workers regarding fair pay and recognition are key to avoiding the escalation of the situation.

In conclusion, the potential strikes at the Whyte & Mackay distilleries serve as a reminder of the importance of fair treatment and compensation for workers in the whisky industry. By working together to find a solution that meets the needs of both employees and employers, the parties involved can hopefully reach a positive outcome that benefits everyone. Stay tuned for updates on the negotiations and possible developments at the distilleries.