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2. Arvin family feud authorities

An altercation between an Arvin City Council member and Planning Commissioner has sparked a police investigation in Arvin, California. The Arvin Police Department is looking into the incident, which allegedly involved Council Member Horton and his sister, Joshlyn Horton, the Planning Commissioner for the city. Chief of Police Alex Ghazalpour stated that there will be no special treatment for either party involved. This is not the first time the department has responded to a family-related dispute, and they are committed to transparency and fairness. If a conflict of interest arises, the investigation will be handed over to the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office.

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ARVIN, CALIFORNIA – Police Investigate Altercation Between City Council Member and Planning Commissioner

A recent incident in the small town of Arvin, California has caught the attention of local authorities. A physical altercation between a member of the Arvin City Council and the Planning Commission has now become a police investigation, shedding light on tensions within the local government.

Details of the Incident


Video footage has surfaced showing how the Arvin Police Department is currently investigating an alleged physical altercation between city officials. According to Arvin Chief of Police Alex Ghazalpour, the department received a call last Saturday from a witness alleging that two women and a man had been involved in a physical or verbal altercation. The male individual was identified as Council Member Donny Horton, while one of the females involved was his sister, Joshlyn Horton, who serves as a planning commissioner for the city.

Transcript of the Incident

Chief of Police Ghazalpour provided further insights into the incident, stating that upon receiving the call from a concerned witness, officers were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, Council Member Horton and Planning Commissioner Joshlyn Horton were identified in connection with the altercation. Ghazalpour emphasized that at present, no charges have been filed, and no arrests have been made as the case remains under investigation.

Response from City Officials

Both Council Member Horton and Planning Commissioner Joshlyn Horton declined to comment on the incident when approached by local media outlet 23ABC. However, Council Member Horton did mention that he is currently preparing for kidney removal surgery scheduled for Thursday due to kidney cancer, shedding light on the personal challenges he is facing amidst this public incident.

Police Department’s Stance

Chief Ghazalpour stressed that the Arvin Police Department is committed to handling this investigation with transparency and impartiality. He noted that while family-related disputes are not uncommon, the department treats all cases equally, regardless of the individuals involved. In the event of any conflict of interest, Ghazalpour has already reached out to partnering agencies such as the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s Office to ensure a fair and thorough investigation.


The incident in Arvin, California involving a physical altercation between a city council member and a planning commissioner has sparked a police investigation, highlighting the need for accountability and transparency in local government affairs. As authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this incident, residents of Arvin are left waiting for answers and hoping for a resolution that upholds the integrity of their community.

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