John Mills : “Scottie Scheffler Charges Dismissed at PGA Championship”

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Star golfer Scottie Scheffler has had all charges against him dismissed following his arrest in Louisville, Kentucky, earlier this month. Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell stated that the evidence supported Scheffler’s claim of a “big misunderstanding” and that his actions did not meet the criteria for criminal offenses. The case was dismissed with prejudice, meaning it cannot be reopened. Despite the dismissal, Scheffler expressed condolences to the family of John Mills, who tragically died near the Valhalla Golf Club on the same day as the incident. The Louisville Metro Police Department respected the decision to drop the charges.

1. Scottie Scheffler arrest PGA Championship
2. Scottie Scheffler charges dropped PGA Championship

PGA Star Scottie Scheffler Cleared of Charges After Louisville Incident

Star golfer Scottie Scheffler has been cleared of all charges following an incident in Louisville, Kentucky, where he was arrested while in town for the PGA Championship earlier this month. The charges were dismissed after a thorough review of the case by the Jefferson County Attorney’s office.

Charges Dismissed After “Big Misunderstanding”

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell addressed the court on Wednesday, stating that the evidence corroborated Scheffler’s characterization of the incident as a “big misunderstanding.” The court approved the motion to dismiss the charges with prejudice, meaning they cannot be brought again.

Tragic Incident Near Valhalla Golf Club

The incident occurred near the Valhalla Golf Club, where Scheffler was driving hours before his second-round tee time at the PGA Championship. The arrest took place after a fatal accident involving a volunteer at the championship, John Mills, who was struck by a shuttle bus while trying to cross a road near the course.

Unaware of the Tragedy

O’Connell and Scheffler’s attorney, Steve Romines, emphasized that Scheffler was not aware of the fatal incident when the altercation with the officer occurred. Romines expressed condolences to the Mills family, calling the situation tragic.

Scheffler’s Response

Scheffler expressed appreciation for the support he received during the past two weeks and encouraged everyone to remember the real tragedy of May 17. He offered his thoughts and prayers to the Mills family and expressed a desire to personally offer his condolences now that the case is over.

Police Report Details

The police report alleged that Scheffler refused to comply with an officer’s request to stop and dragged the detective to the ground. Detective Bryan Gillis suffered injuries to his wrist and knee in the incident. Scheffler called the interaction an “unfortunate misunderstanding” and emphasized his respect for police officers.

No Civil Action Planned

While civil action was contemplated over the arrest, Scheffler decided against pursuing it to avoid expense and distraction. The Louisville Metro Police Department respected the decision to dismiss the charges and reiterated its commitment to serving the city and mitigating crime.

Body Camera Controversy

The incident between Scheffler and the officer was not captured on body camera as the officer had failed to turn it on, contravening department policy. Following an internal investigation, the officer received corrective action for the oversight.

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