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The tragic death of Baris Buyuksu, a 30-year-old Turkish citizen of Kurdish descent, highlights the dangers faced by refugees seeking a better life in Europe. Despite his optimistic outlook and hope for a brighter future, Buyuksu’s journey ended in tragedy when he was allegedly pushed back from the Greek island of Kos and left adrift in the Aegean Sea. His family and lawyers are still seeking answers and justice, but face obstacles due to political tensions between Greece and Turkey. The circumstances surrounding Buyuksu’s death underscore the need for greater protection of refugees and accountability for human rights violations at Europe’s borders. As of July 2023, Al Jazeera had received no response according to documents reviewed. Legal organizations in Turkey and Greece have demanded information regarding the status of an investigation into the death of Baris Buyuksu. The preliminary steps of the investigation in Greece involve judges making recommendations to the prosecutor. Vicky Aggelidou from the Legal Centre Lesvos believes there was an illegal pushback by the Greek coastguard. The Greek Ministry of Justice has not yet responded to Al Jazeera’s request for comment. Buyuksu’s sister, Dilan Biyik, is losing hope after years of seeking justice. She hopes for closure once the perpetrators are found and punished.

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Greek authorities have not responded to the request, according to Buyuksu’s family and legal team.

In the wake of Buyuksu’s death, his family is left grappling with grief and questions. They seek justice for Baris and accountability for those responsible for his tragic end.

“We want to see those responsible for his death brought to justice,” said Biyik. “We want to know the truth about what happened to him.”

The case of Baris Buyuksu is just one of many similar incidents that have occurred along Europe’s borders in recent years. The European Union has faced mounting criticism for its treatment of migrants and refugees, with accusations of human rights abuses and illegal pushbacks becoming increasingly common.


As the investigation into Buyuksu’s death continues, his family hopes that his story will shine a light on the injustices faced by migrants and refugees seeking safety and a better life in Europe. They hope that his memory will not be forgotten, and that his death will not be in vain.

In the meantime, Biyik and her family are left to mourn the loss of a beloved brother and son, a young man full of hope and dreams for the future.

“He was a good person, with a big heart,” said Biyik. “We will never forget him.”

As the world grapples with the ongoing refugee crisis and the challenges faced by those seeking safety and security, the story of Baris Buyuksu serves as a poignant reminder of the human cost of borders and barriers. It is a reminder of the need for compassion, empathy, and justice for all those who seek a better life.

The investigation into Buyuksu’s death is ongoing, and his family continues to seek answers and justice for his untimely passing. Their hope is that his story will spark change and lead to a more humane and compassionate approach to migration and refugee issues in Europe and beyond.

According to the documents reviewed by Al Jazeera, as of July 2023, they had received no response.

The Tragic Incident

In a heartbreaking turn of events, the death of Baris Buyuksu, a 30-year-old man, almost two years ago, continues to haunt his family. The Buyuksu family is still searching for answers surrounding the mysterious circumstances of his passing.

The Search for Justice

In November, legal organisations in Turkey and Greece – the Progressive Lawyers’ Association and the Legal Centre Lesvos – released a statement demanding information from Greece about the status of an investigation into Buyuksu’s death. This incident took place in the Aegean Sea, a region known for its turquoise waters and picturesque islands.

The Legal Process

In Greece, the preliminary steps in such an investigation would typically be conducted by judges who would then file a recommendation to the prosecutor on whether there was a need for a full investigation. However, the family of Buyuksu has been kept in the dark about the progress of the case.

“Probably a preliminary investigation is on in Greece, but we’re not informed officially,” said Vicky Aggelidou, a lawyer at the Legal Centre Lesvos. “This was another illegal pushback from the land, as many others we have monitored. I hope the investigation will proceed and accusations against the Greek coastguard will be made.”

A Desperate Plea for Answers

Despite spending years consulting with rights groups and lawyers, Buyuksu’s sister, Dilan Biyik, is running out of hope. She expressed her frustration, saying, “I couldn’t even experience my pain because we are constantly fighting for justice. After my brother’s perpetrators are found and punished, then I can start to mourn.”

The Silence Continues

At the time of publishing, the Greek Ministry of Justice had not responded to Al Jazeera’s request for comment. The lack of communication from the authorities adds to the family’s anguish as they await closure and justice for their beloved Baris Buyuksu.

Final Thoughts

The Buyuksu family’s quest for justice and closure serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by families seeking answers in cases of tragedy. As the investigation into Baris Buyuksu’s death continues, their determination to uncover the truth remains unwavering.

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