Lily Basil : Tragic Death of Recent High School Graduate in Gun Mishap: Suspect Claims Ignorance of Loaded Weapon

By | May 29, 2024



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An 18-year-old Tennessee teenager, Matthew Roufail, was arrested in connection with the shooting death of recent high school graduate Lily Basil in Franklin. Roufail claimed he did not know the AR-15-style rifle he fired was loaded. Witnesses reported Roufail shooting Basil with a .22 caliber rifle from the trunk of a car. Basil was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where she was pronounced dead. Roufail was charged with criminal homicide and his bond is set at $150,000. Page High School Principal Dr. Katie Hill described Basil as a kind and respectful student, and the school community is mourning her loss. Counseling support is available for students and staff.

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**Teen Arrested in Fatal Shooting of High School Graduate in Franklin, Tennessee**

In Franklin, Tennessee, a tragic incident unfolded over the weekend when a recent high school graduate, Lily Basil, lost her life in a shooting incident. The incident took place in the 1400 block of Hanson Drive in Franklin, sending shockwaves through the local community.

**911 Call Reports Fatal Shooting**

The harrowing incident came to light when a 911 caller reported transporting Lily Basil to the hospital with a gunshot wound to her right shoulder. The caller followed dispatch instructions to pull over at Murfreesboro Road near Carothers Parkway, where emergency medical services attended to Basil before transporting her to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Sadly, Basil was pronounced dead at the hospital, leaving the community in mourning.

**Investigation Leads to Arrest of Teenager**

Following the shooting, two individuals who were with Basil at the time were taken in for questioning by the Franklin Police Department. Through witness interviews and on-scene investigations, detectives were able to identify the shooter as 18-year-old Matthew Roufail. Roufail was located at the Williamson County Medical Center and brought in for questioning by the police.

**Tragic Admission Leads to Criminal Homicide Charges**

During questioning, Roufail admitted to shooting Basil with what he believed to be an unloaded AR-15-style rifle. However, witnesses at the scene revealed that the weapon used was a .22 caliber rifle found in the trunk of a car. As a result of his actions, Roufail was charged with criminal homicide, with his bond set at $150,000 as the investigation continues.

**Community Mourns the Loss of Lily Basil**

In the wake of Lily Basil’s untimely death, the Page High School community has come together to mourn the loss of a bright young spirit. Described as kind, sweet, and respectful, Lily made a lasting impact on those around her during her time at Page High School. Principal Dr. Katie Hill shared heartfelt words about Lily, highlighting her infectious smile and positive presence in the school community.

**Support Offered to Students and Staff**

Page High School has made counselors available to students and staff in the aftermath of this tragic event, ensuring that everyone has access to support during this difficult time. The school is committed to honoring Lily Basil’s memory and sharing her light with all who knew her.

As the investigation into this heartbreaking incident continues, the community of Franklin, Tennessee, comes together to remember Lily Basil and support one another through this challenging time.