Nestor Isidro Perez Salas : “Sinaloa Cartel Assassin Extradited for US Trial”

By | May 28, 2024



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In a news conference at the Justice Department in Washington, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the extradition of Nestor Isidro Perez Salas, a top assassin for the Sinaloa drug cartel, to the U.S. where he will face drug, gun, and witness retaliation charges. Perez Salas, also known as “El Nini,” is accused of leading a group that provided security for the sons of drug lord Joaqu’n “El Chapo” Guzmán and exporting fentanyl to the U.S. The deadly synthetic opioid is responsible for approximately 70,000 overdose deaths annually in the United States. President Joe Biden thanked Mexican President Andres Manuel L–pez Obrador for the extradition, emphasizing the need to combat the fentanyl epidemic.

1. Sinaloa drug cartel top assassin extradition news
2. Justice Department extradition charges Sinaloa cartel assassin

Drug Cartel Assassin Extradited to US to Face Charges

A notorious assassin for the Sinaloa drug cartel, known as “El Nini,” has been extradited from Mexico to the United States to face charges related to drug trafficking, gun violence, and witness intimidation. Nestor Isidro Perez Salas, the alleged leader of a security group connected to the sons of imprisoned drug lord Joaqu’n “El Chapo” Guzmán, has been implicated in the distribution of fentanyl, a deadly synthetic opioid responsible for tens of thousands of overdose deaths in the US annually.

Leader of a Dangerous Faction


Perez Salas, also known as El Nini, is said to have played a key role in the operations of the “Chapitos,” a faction led by El Chapo’s sons that has been identified as a major exporter of fentanyl to the US. His involvement in the cartel’s criminal activities allegedly included acts of violence such as murder, torture, and kidnapping against rivals and witnesses who posed a threat to their operations.

International Efforts to Combat Drug Trafficking

The extradition of Perez Salas to the US marks a significant step in the ongoing collaboration between American and Mexican authorities to combat drug trafficking and the distribution of lethal substances like fentanyl. President Joe Biden expressed gratitude to Mexican President Andres Manuel L–pez Obrador for facilitating the extradition, emphasizing the joint efforts to address the epidemic of synthetic drug abuse that has claimed countless lives.

A History of Violence

Details of Perez Salas’ alleged involvement in violent activities paint a chilling picture of the brutality associated with the Sinaloa cartel. From torturing a Mexican federal agent with a corkscrew and hot chiles to orchestrating executions and feeding victims to tigers owned by the Chapitos, the extent of his crimes is truly disturbing.

Continued Efforts for Justice

As the legal proceedings unfold in the US, authorities are determined to hold Perez Salas and other cartel members accountable for their actions. With a focus on dismantling criminal organizations that profit from the illicit drug trade, law enforcement agencies are committed to pursuing justice for the victims of drug-related violence.


The extradition of El Nini to face charges in the US represents a significant milestone in the fight against drug cartels and the deadly impact of fentanyl on communities. By targeting key figures involved in criminal enterprises like the Sinaloa cartel, authorities are sending a clear message that impunity will not be tolerated, and those responsible for perpetuating violence and addiction will be held accountable under the law.

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