Luis Gamillo, Alix Hernandez, Erik Gamillo : Tragic Teens’ IDs Released in Dodge County Crash

By | May 28, 2024



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Four current or former students from Madison area high schools tragically died in a crash in Dodge County on Memorial Day. Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt is urging the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to approve safety changes at the intersection where the accident occurred. The crash involved a pickup truck that failed to stop at a stop sign, resulting in a collision with a semitractor. Three teenagers died at the scene, while another teen passed away at the hospital. The community is mourning the loss of Luis Gamillo, Erik Gamillo Caldaza, Alix Hernandez, and Ivan Herrera. The Wisconsin DOT is implementing new safety measures to prevent future tragedies.

1. Fatal crash victims in Dodge County identified
2. Troublesome crossing where teens died in crash identified

Tragic Crash Claims Lives of Madison Area High School Students

On Memorial Day, tragedy struck as four current or former students of Madison area high schools lost their lives in a devastating crash in Dodge County. The incident occurred in the early hours of the morning at the intersection of County Highway TT and State Highway 16/60 in the town of Elba, just 3 miles east of Columbus.

The Dodge County Sheriff, Dale Schmidt, has called for urgent safety improvements at the intersection to prevent future accidents. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has been urged to approve changes that will enhance the safety of the area. Following the crash, the agency has already taken some measures and plans to implement additional ones to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

Victims Identified

Three teenagers tragically lost their lives at the scene of the crash, while another teen passed away at the hospital. The victims have been identified as Luis Gamillo, 19, from Sun Prairie; Alix Hernandez, 18, from Fall River; Erik Gamillo Caldaza, 17, also from Sun Prairie; and Ivan Herrera, 16, from Sun Prairie. Additionally, an 18-year-old Madison woman sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized.

The driver of the semi involved in the collision, a 57-year-old man from La Farge, suffered minor injuries and has since been released from the hospital.

Community Mourns Loss

The tragic loss of these young lives has deeply impacted the Madison area high school communities. The Madison Metropolitan School District confirmed that Herrera was a student at Robert M. La Follette High School, and the 18-year-old Madison woman is also a student in the district. Meanwhile, the Sun Prairie Area School District mourns the loss of Erik Gamillo Calzada, a junior at Sun Prairie East High School, who perished alongside his brother, Luis Gamillo, and their schoolmate Alix Hernandez.

Resources and support are being made available to students who are struggling to cope with the heartbreaking loss.

Fundraising Efforts

In the wake of the tragedy, fundraising efforts have been initiated to help cover funeral expenses for the Gamillo brothers and Alix Hernandez. A GoFundMe page has been set up by family members and friends to support the grieving families.

Jimena Balderas Gamillo, a cousin of the Gamillo brothers, expressed her sorrow on the fundraising page, describing the brothers as “caring and funny souls” who were taken too soon.

Calls for Safety Improvements

Sheriff Dale Schmidt revealed that the intersection where the crash occurred has been a cause of concern for several years, with numerous prior incidents reported. Despite recommendations from local authorities, safety enhancements at the intersection have not been approved by the Wisconsin DOT.

The sheriff’s office has proposed measures such as flashing lights on stop signs and reflectors to increase driver awareness and prevent further tragedies. Dodge County will continue to advocate for safety improvements at the site.

Wisconsin DOT Responds

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has acknowledged the need for immediate action to address safety issues at the intersection. The agency has already implemented interim safety measures and plans to carry out a construction project to reconstruct the area in the near future.

Expressing condolences to the families of the victims, the DOT reassured the public that safety remains their top priority. They are committed to preventing further loss of life on Wisconsin roads through continuous improvement and implementation of safety measures.