GS Seacon : Palakkad Resident Scammed 25.85 Lakh

By | May 28, 2024



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In Kochi, a 36-year-old Palakkad resident fell victim to an overseas recruitment scam, losing Rs 25.85 lakh to a fraudster posing as a Denmark embassy official. Fraudulent incidents involving the Denmark embassy have been on the rise in India, with the victim, a manager at a plywood retail firm in Kochi, receiving a fake job offer from a construction company named GS Seacon. The victim responded to an email from a consultancy firm in Denmark, leading to phone calls and online interviews. The fraudsters even went as far as to initiate a visa issuance procedure. Authorities warn the public to be cautious of such scams.

1. Palakkad resident scam victim
2. Fraudster deceives Palakkad resident

The Scam

In a shocking incident that has left authorities concerned, a 36-year-old Palakkad resident fell victim to an overseas recruitment scam that cost him a whopping Rs 25.85 lakh. The fraudster, posing as an official from the Denmark embassy, lured the victim with a fake job offer abroad.

Location and Background

The incident took place in the bustling city of Kochi, located in the southern state of Kerala, India. Known for its picturesque backwaters and vibrant culture, Kochi has unfortunately become a hotspot for such fraudulent activities targeting unsuspecting individuals looking for job opportunities overseas.


The Victim

The victim, who works as a manager at a plywood retail firm in Kochi, received an email in March this year from a consultancy firm in Denmark. The email promised a lucrative job offer at a construction company named GS Seacon, enticing the victim with an attractive salary package.

The Deception

After responding to the email, the victim began receiving phone calls from unknown numbers. The scammers, posing as representatives of GS Seacon, conducted an online interview and subsequently initiated the visa issuance process, leading the victim to believe that the job offer was legitimate.

Warning Signs

Authorities have been cautioning the public about the rise in overseas recruitment frauds, particularly those claiming to be associated with reputable institutions like the Denmark embassy. Similar cheating incidents have been reported across India, highlighting the need for vigilance and verification when considering job opportunities abroad.

Police Investigation

Upon realising the fraud, the victim immediately filed a complaint with the local police. An investigation has been launched to track down the perpetrators behind the scam and prevent further individuals from falling victim to such deceptive practices.


As cases of overseas recruitment frauds continue to emerge, it is crucial for individuals to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with any job offers from unknown sources. Being aware of warning signs and verifying the legitimacy of recruitment agencies can help prevent falling prey to such scams and protect oneself from financial loss.

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