Ramzan Daraev : Foreign Nationals Infiltrating US Bases: Navy Admiral’s Warning

By | May 27, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Foreign Nationals Infiltrating US Military Bases
2. Surge in Foreign Nationals at US Military Bases

US Fleet Forces Commander Daryl Caudle raised concerns about the rise in foreign nationals attempting unauthorized access to US military bases, with incidents occurring “two or three times a week.” Chinese nationals alone made over 100 attempts last year, alongside individuals from other nations. The suspects, often posing as tourists, engaged in suspicious activities like scuba diving near Cape Canaveral and wandering onto missile launch sites. The issue is compounded by an 8,000 percent increase in Chinese nationals crossing the southern border, prompting fears of intelligence gathering on American military bases. Recent arrests for spying highlight the seriousness of the situation, necessitating enhanced security measures.

1. Foreign nationals infiltrating US military bases
2. Surge in foreign nationals targeting military bases

US Navy Admiral Raises Concerns Over Foreign Nationals Attempting to Infiltrate Military Bases

In a recent interview with Fox News, US Fleet Forces Commander Daryl Caudle highlighted the growing issue of foreign nationals attempting to gain unauthorized access to US military bases. Caudle expressed his concern over the increasing frequency of these attempted infiltrations, revealing that they are happening “two or three times a week” at Navy bases alone. He disclosed that more than 100 attempts were made by Chinese nationals last year, but emphasized that this is not limited to just Chinese individuals. Caudle stated, “This is Russian, it’s Chinese, it comes from all these different nations.”

The perpetrators often pose as tourists and engage in suspicious activities such as scuba diving near Cape Canaveral, wandering onto missile launch sites in New Mexico, and trying to drive onto military bases in Virginia. While most of these individuals are cited and fined for trespassing, the motives behind their actions remain unclear.

The situation has been further complicated by an 8,000 percent increase in Chinese nationals crossing the southern border in the last three years, with over 24,000 intercepted in the current financial year. This surge has raised concerns among officials like Rep. Glenn Grothman, who believes that foreign countries may be taking advantage of the current border situation to gather intelligence on American military bases.


In January, the Navy was shocked by the arrest and sentencing of Petty Officer Wenheng Zhao, who was caught spying for China at Naval Base Ventura County in California. Another naturalized citizen, Jinchao Wei, was also arrested aboard the USS Essex and faces trial on spying charges in December.

Despite the Chinese embassy in Washington, DC dismissing these claims as “ill-intentioned fabrications,” the increasing number of incidents has prompted calls for heightened vigilance and a reassessment of current security measures at US military installations.

The growing concerns surrounding infiltrations have also impacted individuals on the ground. A soldier from Fort Liberty in North Carolina tragically shot and killed a man believed to be a Chechen national after he allegedly found him trespassing on his property.

According to Moore County’s sheriff’s office, the man, identified as 35-year-old Ramzan Daraev from Chicago, was a subcontractor for Utilities One but was not wearing a uniform, carrying an ID, or any equipment during the incident. The soldier, a member of the special operations unit at Fort Liberty, believed Daraev was taking pictures of his family.

“We are aware of the incident in Carthage involving a USASOC soldier. This incident remains under investigation. Per policy, we do not comment on active investigations to protect the process’ integrity. We appreciate the dedication of the Moore County Sheriff’s Department as they investigate,” Fort Liberty said in a statement.

The incidents highlight the urgent need for increased security measures and vigilance to protect US military bases from unauthorized access and potential threats posed by foreign nationals.

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