Not provided : 16 Charged in Major Auto Theft Bust: Peel Police Arrest Suspects in Stolen Vehicle Ring

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Peel police have arrested 16 individuals and pressed 322 criminal charges in connection with a lengthy auto theft probe. A total of 369 stolen vehicles worth $33.2 million have been recovered since the investigation started in October 2023. The suspects, aged between 17 and 57, are linked to a sophisticated criminal operation involving carjackings and extortions to ship vehicles abroad. Chief Nishan Duraiappah described it as Peel Regional Police’s most significant auto theft case. Det.-Sgt. Greg O’Connor highlighted a family’s role in transporting stolen cars from the GTA to the Port of Montreal. Authorities urge anyone with relevant information to contact them or provide tips anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

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Auto Theft Ring Busted in Peel Region

Peel police have made a major breakthrough in an auto theft investigation, resulting in the arrest of 16 individuals and the recovery of 369 stolen vehicles valued at a staggering $33.2 million. The investigation, which commenced in October 2023, has been described as the most significant auto theft case in Peel Regional Police history.

Highly Orchestrated Criminal Operation

According to Police Chief Nishan Duraiappah, the auto theft ring was a highly orchestrated criminal operation involving a range of criminal activities such as carjackings, extortions, and other illicit methods. The suspects were allegedly stealing cars to ship them overseas to countries like the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Families Involved in Smuggling

Detective-Sergeant Greg O’Connor, the investigation’s major case manager, revealed that a specific family was identified as being responsible for facilitating the loading and transfer of stolen vehicles from the Greater Toronto Area to the Port of Montreal. This family played a crucial role in the smuggling operation that saw the stolen cars being shipped out of the country.

Wide Age Range of Accused

The accused individuals in the case range from 17 to 57 years old, showcasing the diversity of those involved in the criminal enterprise. Additionally, warrants have been issued for 10 more suspects who are believed to be connected to the auto theft ring.


Call for Information

Peel police are urging anyone with information that could assist in the investigation to come forward and contact the authorities. Information can also be submitted anonymously via Crime Stoppers, as the police continue their efforts to bring all those involved in the auto theft ring to justice.


The bust of this auto theft ring in Peel Region marks a significant victory for law enforcement and serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against organized crime. The recovery of the stolen vehicles and the apprehension of the suspects demonstrate the dedication and hard work of the Peel Regional Police in keeping the community safe from criminal activities.

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