Brodrick Guillory : “Orange County Trailers Stolen, Arrest Made – Investigation Ongoing”

By | May 27, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Orange County stolen trailers recovery
2. Arrest made in Orange County trailer theft

Two stolen trailers from Orange County were successfully recovered, leading to the arrest of Brodrick Guillory, a 24-year-old Beaumont resident. The incident took place on Sunday, May 27, 2024, when Beaumont Police Department officers responded to a call for assistance from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect was found driving a Ford F-250, and further investigation led to the recovery of two stolen trailers from Orange County. Guillory was detained, interviewed by detectives, and subsequently arrested for felony theft and an outstanding Jefferson County warrant. He was taken to the Jefferson County Jail for further proceedings. Stay updated on this ongoing investigation.

1. Orange County stolen trailer recovery
2. Arrest made in Orange County trailer thefts

Stolen Trailers Recovered in Orange County, Arrest Made

Over the weekend, a notable incident took place in Orange County, where two stolen trailers were recovered by law enforcement authorities. The events unfolded on Treadway Road in the 3900 block, sparking a collaborative effort between the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Beaumont Police Department. The location of the recovery added intrigue to the investigation, as officers worked diligently to piece together the circumstances surrounding the thefts.

Details of the Investigation

On a sunny Sunday morning, Beaumont Police Department officers responded to a call for assistance from their counterparts in Orange County. Reports indicated that a stolen trailer from Orange County was believed to be in the vicinity, potentially being driven by a suspect in a Ford F-250. The officers swiftly arrived at the scene, where they spotted the suspect vehicle and the stolen trailer that had been reported missing earlier that day.

Upon closer inspection, officers detained the suspect and transported them to the auto theft task force for further questioning. The subsequent interview yielded critical information that led detectives to two separate locations in Beaumont, where they were able to recover two additional stolen trailers that had been taken from Orange County.

Suspect Apprehended

The main suspect in this case was identified as Brodrick Guillory, a 24-year-old resident of Beaumont. Guillory was promptly arrested on charges of felony theft, as well as an outstanding warrant from Jefferson County. Following his arrest, he was taken into custody and transferred to the Jefferson County Jail for processing.


The swift action taken by law enforcement officers in Orange County and Beaumont highlights the importance of collaboration in solving crimes and recovering stolen property. The successful recovery of the stolen trailers serves as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the officers involved in this operation.


As the investigation into the stolen trailers continues, authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to ensure that justice is served and that the perpetrators are held accountable for their actions. The recovery of the trailers marks a significant milestone in the case, bringing a sense of closure to the victims and their families.

With the suspect in custody and the stolen property recovered, the communities of Orange County and Beaumont can rest assured that their safety and security are of paramount importance to law enforcement agencies. The collaboration between these agencies underscores the importance of working together to combat crime and uphold the rule of law.

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