Alexander Aguon : “Homicide investigation in Tracy: 1 killed, 1 hospitalized in shooting”

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One person was killed and another is in the hospital after a shooting in Tracy, as reported by the Tracy Police Department. The incident took place in the parking lot of a gas station on N. Tracy Boulevard. The victim who died was identified as 23-year-old Alexander Aguon from Stockton. The other victim is in critical condition but stable. The police are treating the case as a homicide and currently have no information on a suspect. For more news updates, you can watch CBS News Sacramento live. Brandon Downs, a digital content producer at CBS Sacramento, reported on this tragic event.

1. Tracy shooting incident updates
2. Tracy homicide investigation news

Tracy Shooting Leaves One Dead, Another Injured

In a tragic incident that occurred early Sunday morning, one person was killed and another was left critically injured after a shooting in Tracy, police have confirmed.

Location of the Incident

The Tracy Police Department received reports of shots fired in the parking lot of a gas station located in the 3400 block of N. Tracy Boulevard. The incident took place in the heart of Tracy, a city known for its agricultural roots and small-town charm.

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities discovered two victims who had been shot. Unfortunately, one of the victims, identified as 23-year-old Alexander Aguon of Stockton, succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. The other victim, whose identity has not been disclosed, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but is now reported to be stable.

Investigation and Suspect Information

The Tracy Police Department has launched a homicide investigation into the incident but has not yet released any information about potential suspects. The community is urged to come forward with any relevant information that may aid in solving the case and bringing the perpetrators to justice.


Tracy, a close-knit community with a strong sense of unity, is reeling from the shock of this senseless act of violence. The incident has left residents on edge and concerned for their safety in a town where such incidents are rare.

Community Response

As news of the shooting spread throughout Tracy, residents came together to offer their support and condolences to the families of the victims. Candlelight vigils and memorials have been planned to honour the life of Alexander Aguon and to pray for the speedy recovery of the injured victim.

Local authorities have assured the public that they are working tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to justice and make Tracy a safer place for all its residents. The community is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

As Tracy grapples with the aftermath of this tragic incident, the resilience and strength of its residents shine through. The city remains united in the face of adversity, standing together to support one another and ensure that justice is served for the victims of this senseless act of violence.

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