Thelma Bonnett : “6 Valuable Relics as Doorstops: A History”

By | May 26, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Historical Doorstop Artifacts
2. Antique Relics for Door Decoration

Uncover hidden treasures in your home with valuable artifacts that may be worth more than you think. From a Bronze Urn worth 15,000 GBP to a Ceremonial Dagger valued at $65,000, these unsuspecting finds turned out to be valuable investments. Don’t make the mistake of using a potential treasure as a simple doorstop. Discover the stories of individuals who unknowingly had valuable items in their possession, like a Meteorite worth $100,000 and a Chinese Imperial Vase worth 1 million pounds. Avoid missing out on potential wealth by getting your items appraised before relegating them to mundane uses.

1. Historical Artifacts Repurposed as Doorstops
2. Rare Relics Used as Functional Decor

If you’ve ever stumbled upon a hidden treasure in your own home, you’ll understand the excitement and disbelief that comes with finding something valuable right under your nose. Whether it’s an old coin, a Ming vase, or a ceremonial dagger, the potential for discovering a hidden gem is always there. Unfortunately, not everyone recognizes the true worth of the items they come across, leading to some surprising discoveries of valuable artifacts being used as mere doorstops.

### A Bronze Urn Worth 15,000 GBP

Imagine using a bronze urn as a doorstop, not realizing its true historical significance and value. That’s exactly what happened to a man named Matthew Collinson, who had been unknowingly using a burial urn from a thousand years ago to prop open a door. It had passed through multiple hands before finally being appraised on Antiques Roadshow, revealing its true worth of 15,000 pounds.

### A Ceremonial Dagger Worth $65,000


In another case of mistaken identity, a farmer stumbled upon a bent ceremonial dagger that had been serving as a doorstop. Little did he know that the dagger was actually a 3,500-year-old artifact worth $65,000, which was promptly purchased by a museum after being properly appraised.

### A Meteorite Worth $100,000

When a Michigan farmer discovered a rock holding open the door of his barn was actually a meteorite, he was in for a pleasant surprise. The seemingly ordinary rock turned out to be worth a cool $100,000 after being evaluated by experts at Central Michigan University.

### A Chinese Imperial Vase Worth 1 Million Pounds

Using a Chinese imperial vase as a doorstop may sound like a ludicrous idea, but that’s exactly what one family did before realizing its true value. With a seal belonging to the 18th century Chinese Emperor Qianlong, the vase was appraised at a staggering one million pounds, proving that appearances can be deceiving.

### A Marble Bust Worth 2.5 Million Pounds

Even a marble bust of former English MP Sir John Gordon wasn’t spared from being used as a doorstop. Initially propping open a shed beside a football pitch, the bust was eventually valued at 2.5 million pounds after being properly appraised by Sotheby’s.

### A Doorstop Worth Dying For

Lastly, the story of Thelma Bonnett using a live, primed mortar shell as a doorstop is truly a cautionary tale. The dangerous decision to use such a hazardous item for a mundane purpose highlights the importance of recognizing the true value and potential danger of the objects we come across.

In conclusion, these real-life stories serve as a reminder to always consider the true worth of the items we encounter, no matter how ordinary they may seem at first glance. You never know when you might be sitting on a hidden treasure right in your own home.

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