Promila Shad : “Fatal Fire in East Delhi Building – Three Dead, Owner Arrested”

By | May 26, 2024



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A tragic fire in a residential building in East Delhi resulted in the deaths of three individuals, with one person sustaining serious injuries. The incident occurred in the Krishna Nagar area, where a four-storey building caught fire. The charred body of a 66-year-old woman, as well as two others, were recovered from the building. This marks the second major fire incident in Delhi within days, following a separate fire at a children’s hospital. The Delhi Fire Services responded to the blaze, extinguishing the flames and conducting rescue operations. Police have booked the building owner, and an investigation is ongoing.

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Fire in Residential Building in East Delhi, Three Killed, Owner Booked | Image:Pixabay

New Delhi: A devastating fire engulfed a four-storey residential building in the bustling Krishna Nagar area of East Delhi, claiming the lives of three individuals and leaving one person critically injured. The incident, which occurred on Sunday, shocked the residents and authorities alike. The charred remains of a 66-year-old woman, Promila Shad, were discovered on the first floor of the building, while two others, 18-year-old Keshav Sharma and 39-year-old Anju Sharma, were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

As the flames raged, five fire tenders were dispatched to the scene to combat the inferno. Tragically, 14 vehicles and two bicycles were reduced to ashes in the blaze, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.


Previous Incidents

This tragic incident marks the second major fire in the city within a span of two days. Just the night before, a children’s hospital in Vivek Vihar, East Delhi, was engulfed in flames, resulting in the untimely deaths of seven newborns.

Response and Rescue Efforts

The Chief of Delhi Fire Services, Atul Garg, revealed that the distress call reporting the fire near the Bank of India in Krishna Nagar was received at 2.35 am. The firefighters worked tirelessly to extinguish the flames by 7.20 am, but not before significant damage had been done. The fire originated in a parking area housing eleven two-wheelers before spreading to the first floor and swiftly engulfing the building.

Local authorities, including the Station House Officer and his team, sprang into action to rescue the occupants trapped inside the building. Among those rescued were Sonam Sadh (24), Karan Raj Bhalla (56), Seema Bhalla (54), Rahul Bhalla (33), Rohit Bhalla (30), Manish Bhalla (25), Devender Sharma (45), Gaurav Sharma (41), Ruchika Sharma (38), and six-year-old Divyansh.

Legal Ramifications

The police wasted no time in launching an investigation into the incident and subsequently booked the owner of the building at the Krishna Nagar Police Station. An FIR has been registered under sections 285, 304A, 337, and 427 of the IPC, encompassing charges of negligent conduct, causing death by negligence, endangering life, and causing damage.

As the authorities continue their probe, post-mortem examinations are being conducted to shed light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic event.

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