Bradwick Michael Tukes : “Des Moines Police Charge, Release Shooting Suspects”

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Des Moines Police Department arrested 22-year-old Bradwick Michael Tukes for a shooting outside a graduation ceremony at Drake Knapp Center. Tukes faces charges of Going Armed With Intent, carrying weapons on school grounds, and reckless use of a firearm. Police responded to gunshots fired at 5:39 p.m. and detained Tukes and a 17-year-old male. No injuries from gunfire were reported, but a female suffered minor injuries in the chaos. The scene was quickly secured, with no ongoing danger. Detectives are investigating further. The incident caused a disturbance inside the ceremony, with officers using pepper spray to break up a physical fight.

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2. Knapp Center shooting news update

The Incident at Drake Knapp Center

On a seemingly joyous occasion at the Drake Knapp Center in Des Moines, Iowa, a graduation ceremony was marred by a shooting incident that led to chaos and panic among attendees. The Des Moines Police Department swiftly responded to the situation, leading to the arrest of 22-year-old Bradwick Michael Tukes.

Arrest and Charges

Tukes faces serious charges, including two Class D felonies: Going Armed With Intent and carrying weapons on school grounds. Additionally, he was charged with reckless use of a firearm, a simple misdemeanor. The swift action of the police officers at the scene prevented further escalation of the situation.

Police Response

At 5:39 p.m., officers on duty at the Knapp Center heard gunshots being fired outside the venue. The officers, who were present for security purposes during the Roosevelt High School commencement ceremony, immediately sprang into action. Within minutes, more than 30 officers had deployed to the scene to contain the situation.

Additional Individuals Involved

Along with Tukes, a 17-year-old male resident of Des Moines was detained in connection with the incident. While the teenager was not directly involved in the shooting, he was referred to the Polk County Juvenile Court on a disorderly conduct charge. The police investigation revealed that the male was participating in a physical fight that took place outside the center.


Aftermath of the Shooting

Despite the chaos that ensued, there were no injuries reported as a result of the gunfire. However, an adult female sustained minor injuries after being pushed to the ground by individuals in the crowd. Police discovered multiple shell casings at the scene, indicating the severity of the situation.

Continued Investigation

The Des Moines Police Department detectives are diligently working on the case to gather more information and details surrounding the incident. As the investigation progresses, the authorities will release further updates to shed light on the events that transpired at the Drake Knapp Center.

Overall, the swift response of law enforcement and the cooperation of attendees helped prevent a potentially disastrous outcome at the graduation ceremony. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of security measures at public events to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

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