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Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Budaun gender reveal case
2. Life term for Budaun man

An appalling incident in Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, saw a man sentenced to life imprisonment for viciously attacking his 8-month pregnant wife to determine the gender of their unborn child. The accused, driven by a desire for a son, inflicted severe injuries on his wife, Anita, resulting in harm to both her and the unborn child. Despite having five daughters, he wanted to check the gender of their sixth child, leading to the horrifying assault. The court handed down a life sentence and imposed a hefty fine on the culprit, bringing some semblance of justice to the victim, Anita.

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Life Imprisonment for Man Who Cut Open Pregnant Wife’s Stomach

Budaun, Uttar Pradesh, United States of India, May 26 (HBTV): In a shocking case that has sent shockwaves through the town of Budaun in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, a man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for a heinous crime. The incident took place on September 19, 2020, when the accused, identified as Pannalal, committed a gruesome act driven by his desire for a male heir.

The Gruesome Act

The accused, Pannalal, father of five daughters, harbored a strong desire for a son. In a misguided attempt to determine the gender of his unborn child, he brutally attacked his eight-month pregnant wife, Anita. The vicious assault resulted in severe injuries to both Anita and the unborn child, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.

The Victim’s Ordeal

Anita, the victim of this horrific crime, bravely recounted the harrowing incident. “I have five daughters. He (accused Pannalal) wanted to check the gender of the 6th child. He attacked me, cutting open my stomach and causing grievous harm to both me and my unborn child. I lost consciousness, and he fled the scene,” Anita shared, her voice trembling with emotion.

Justice Served

Following a thorough investigation and trial, the court delivered its verdict, sentencing Pannalal to life imprisonment. In addition to the prison term, the court imposed a hefty fine of INR 50,000 on the perpetrator. Assistant District Government Counsel (criminal), Munendra Pratap Singh, affirmed the court’s decision, stating, “The accused has been sentenced to life imprisonment and fined INR 50,000.”

Victim’s Response

Anita, upon hearing the court’s ruling, expressed her relief and gratitude for the justice served. “The court has granted me justice by sentencing him to life imprisonment. I am grateful for the verdict,” Anita said, her voice filled with a mix of emotions.

The horrific incident in Budaun serves as a stark reminder of the deep-rooted gender biases prevalent in society and the extreme measures some individuals resort to in pursuit of their desires. It is a chilling tale that highlights the importance of gender equality and the need to eradicate such heinous crimes from our midst.

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