Aman : “Mumbai Couple Arrested for Killing Son, Dumping Body in Drain”

By | May 26, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Mumbai couple murder case
2. Goregaon drain disposal incident

A couple in Mumbai was arrested for allegedly killing their 15-month-old child and disposing of the body in an open drainage in Goregaon. Initially, they claimed the child had been kidnapped, but police found that the parents had beaten the toddler to death. The accused, Rajesh Rana (28) and Rinki Rana (23), hailed from Odisha and lived with the child, Aman, in Jogeshwari East. Rajesh reported the kidnapping, but CCTV footage revealed the truth. Aman fell and sustained a fatal head injury while playing, leading the couple to dispose of the body. The couple faces charges of murder, destruction of evidence, and conspiracy.

1. Mumbai Parents Charged With Murder of Toddler, Dumping Body in Goregaon Drain
2. Goregaon Drain Murder: Mumbai Couple Arrested for Killing 15-Month-Old Son

The Tragic Incident in Mumbai

A horrifying incident unfolded in the bustling city of Mumbai, where a couple was arrested for the alleged murder of their 15-month-old child. The shocking crime took place in the suburb of Goregaon, sending shockwaves through the local community.

The Arrest of the Accused

The accused, Rajesh Rana (28) and Rinki Rana (23), residents of Odisha, were living with their son, Aman, in Jogeshwari East. The couple initially tried to deceive the authorities by reporting a false kidnapping of their child. However, the truth unraveled during the police investigation.

The Deceptive Account

Rajesh claimed that two men had abducted Aman and forced him to inhale a substance, leading to his unconsciousness. He alleged that the kidnappers fled the scene in an auto-rickshaw. However, CCTV footage contradicted his account, prompting further scrutiny by the authorities.

The Gruesome Truth

Upon interrogation, Rajesh confessed that Aman had tragically died after falling and sustaining a fatal head injury while playing. In a moment of panic, the couple decided to dispose of the toddler’s body in an open drainage in Goregaon, attempting to cover up their heinous crime.


The Post-Mortem Examination

Following the discovery of Aman’s body, a post-mortem examination revealed multiple injuries as the cause of death. It was later revealed that Aman was Rinki’s child from her previous marriage, leading to ongoing disputes between the couple.

Legal Action Against the Accused

The Meghwadi police registered a case against Rajesh and Rinki under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including charges of murder, destruction of evidence, and conspiracy. The authorities are determined to ensure that justice is served in this tragic case.

As the investigation continues, the community in Mumbai is left reeling from the shocking events that have unfolded. The heinous crime committed by the accused has brought sorrow and disbelief to the neighborhood in Goregaon, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and accountability in society.

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