Rajprakash Singh : Tragic Deaths: Two Men Suffocate Cleaning Septic Tank in Delhi’s Jasola

By | May 25, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Delhi septic tank cleaning fatalities
2. Jasola septic tank tragedy

Two individuals tragically lost their lives after becoming unconscious while carrying out septic tank cleaning in Old Jasola Village, southeast Delhi. The deceased have been identified as Rajprakash Singh (60) and another individual whose identity is yet to be confirmed. A police team responded to a distress call reporting the incident, only to discover the two individuals trapped inside the septic tank. Investigations revealed that they were hired to clean the tank on the premises of a resident. Despite attempts to extract the waste using a tractor tank, they had to enter the tank manually, leading to their untimely demise. The fire department retrieved them from the tank, but they were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

1. Fatal septic tank cleaning accident in Jasola
2. Delhi septic tank tragedy: Two dead in cleaning mishap

Tragic Incident in Old Jasola Village

Two individuals tragically lost their lives in a devastating incident that took place in Old Jasola Village, located in southeast Delhi. The deceased have been identified as Rajprakash Singh, a 60-year-old resident of Molband Extension, and another individual whose identity is yet to be confirmed.

Police Response

DCP (South East) Rajesh Deo reported that a distress call was received by the police at approximately 1 pm, alerting them to the situation of two men who had fallen into a sewer in Old Jasola Village. Responding swiftly, a police team arrived at the scene to find the two individuals trapped in a septic tank.

Details of the Incident

Initial investigations revealed that the two victims were hired to clean a septic tank on the property of Iqbal Singh, a resident of Old Jasola Village. While carrying out their duties, both men suddenly lost consciousness and tragically succumbed to suffocation within the tank.

According to the senior officer, the sanitation workers had been using a tractor tank to clean the septic tank, but encountered difficulties in the process. Despite two previous attempts to clear the waste using a pipe connected to the tractor tank, the valve inside the septic tank required manual adjustment.


Tragic Outcome

On their third attempt to rectify the issue, both individuals entered the septic tank in order to fix the malfunctioning valve. Tragically, once inside the tank, they lost consciousness and were unable to escape. Emergency services were summoned, and the victims were extricated from the septic tank before being rushed to the hospital.

Despite the efforts of medical personnel, both individuals were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital, marking a devastating end to the ill-fated incident that unfolded in Old Jasola Village.

Such incidents serve as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by sanitation workers and the critical importance of ensuring their safety and well-being in hazardous working environments.

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