Madhukar Manik Bagde : “Mason stoned to death in Nagpur”

By | May 25, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. “Mason stoned death Pachpaoli Nagpur”
2. “Pachpaoli Nagpur mason stoning incident”

A mason was found dead in Nagpur’s Pachpaoli area with his head smashed with stones, sparking a murder investigation. The victim, Madhukar Manik Bagde, was discovered on a footpath near Indora Chowk. Police are reviewing CCTV footage but have yet to identify the killer. Bagde, an alcoholic, lived separately from his wife and children. Authorities suspect the motive will only become clear once an arrest is made. The Pachpaoli Police have launched a murder case under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. Stay updated with Nagpur’s latest news on Nagpur Today.

1. Mason executed in Pachpaoli, Nagpur
2. Stoning death of Mason in Pachpaoli, Nagpur

Tragic Murder in Nagpur Leaves Community in Shock

A sense of shock and disbelief swept through the Pachpaoli area near Indora Chowk in Nagpur as news of a brutal murder surfaced on Friday afternoon. The victim, identified as Madhukar Manik Bagde, was a mason by profession and a resident of Plot No 613, Bhandar Mohalla, Indora. His lifeless body was discovered on the footpath near Amaira Dental Clinic, close to Khobragade Hospital.

Police Investigation Unravels Grim Details

Upon receiving the distressing news, a team of Pachpaoli Police, led by Senior Inspector Baburao Raut, swiftly arrived at the crime scene. After conducting necessary procedures, including a thorough inspection of the area and the victim’s body, law enforcement officials transferred Bagde’s remains to Mayo Hospital for a detailed post-mortem examination.

Initial findings pointed towards a possible motive linked to the victim’s struggles with alcoholism. Bagde’s wife and children were reported to be residing separately in the vicinity of Krida Chowk, Sakkardara area. The police, in accordance with the Indian Penal Code, have registered a case of murder under Section 302 and are actively pursuing leads to identify the perpetrator responsible for this heinous act.

Community Mourns Tragic Loss

The untimely demise of Madhukar Manik Bagde has left the local community reeling in shock and mourning. His tragic end has raised concerns about the safety and security of residents in the area, prompting calls for enhanced vigilance and swift justice for the victim.


As the investigation continues and efforts to apprehend the suspect intensify, residents of Nagpur are urged to remain vigilant and report any relevant information to the authorities. The senseless act of violence that claimed Bagde’s life serves as a stark reminder of the need for solidarity and cooperation within the community to combat such atrocities.

Seeking Justice for the Departed Soul

As the authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Madhukar Manik Bagde’s tragic death, the quest for justice and closure becomes paramount. The family, friends, and acquaintances of the deceased mason await answers and seek solace in the hope that the perpetrator will be swiftly brought to justice.

In the wake of this devastating incident, the resilient spirit of the community shines through as they stand united in their resolve to seek justice for Bagde and ensure that such senseless acts of violence are met with swift and decisive action.

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