KMooreGilbert slams Western governments Obituary – Cause of Death : Iranian hostage slams Western governments for Raisi condolences

By | May 25, 2024



Australian academic @KMooreGilbert, who was held hostage in Iran for over 2 years, has reportedly passed away, according to several news articles. This news comes as a shock to many who followed her story of resilience and bravery during her time in captivity.

@KMooreGilbert made headlines around the world for her unwavering spirit and determination while enduring the harsh conditions of her imprisonment in Iran. Despite the challenges she faced, she remained steadfast in her fight for freedom and justice.

In a recent statement, @KMooreGilbert criticised Western governments for offering condolences over the death of Raisi, a man she described as “widely regarded to be complicit in mass murder.” She called out these governments for lacking leadership in denouncing Raisi and his alleged crimes.

@KMooreGilbert’s courage and strength in the face of adversity inspired many, and her passing is a great loss to the academic and human rights communities. She will be remembered for her dedication to fighting for justice and standing up against oppression.

The details surrounding @KMooreGilbert’s death are still unclear, and the cause of her passing has not been confirmed. As this story continues to develop, her friends, colleagues, and supporters mourn the loss of a remarkable individual who touched the lives of so many.

@KMooreGilbert’s legacy will live on through her work and the impact she had on those who knew her. Her determination to speak out against injustice and fight for human rights will continue to inspire others to follow in her footsteps.


Our thoughts are with @KMooreGilbert’s loved ones during this difficult time, and we honour her memory by continuing to advocate for the values she held dear. May she rest in peace, knowing that her legacy will endure for years to come.

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