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Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. OKC police footage shooting
2. Fatal officer-involved shooting Oklahoma City

New video footage captures Oklahoma City Police confronting an armed man during a domestic disturbance on May 5. The man, identified as Kenneth Allsen, was seen firing a rifle outside his home on Northwest 106th Street. Despite commands to drop his weapon, Allsen was shot by a police lieutenant who lacked a body camera. Court records reveal the discovery of multiple guns and ammunition at the scene, with two guns found on Allsen’s person. The incident highlights the dangers faced by law enforcement in volatile situations. Stay informed about the latest developments in this ongoing investigation.

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Armed Man Confronted by Oklahoma City Police in Northwest 106th Street Home

Newly released video footage has surfaced showing a tense standoff between Oklahoma City Police and an armed man at a residence in the 7400 block of Northwest 106th Street. The incident took place on May 5, just before 8 p.m., following reports of a domestic disturbance that escalated into gunfire.

Dispatched for a Domestic Disturbance

According to the Oklahoma City Police Department, officers were initially dispatched to the home in response to reports of a domestic disturbance. However, as the situation unfolded, a caller informed dispatchers that the man in question was firing a gun on the property.

Man Identified as Kenneth Allsen

In the video footage, the armed individual was identified by police as Kenneth Allsen. He can be seen in the driveway of the residence, firing a rifle before officers arrived on the scene.


Police Confrontation

Upon arrival, a police lieutenant approached Allsen, instructing him to drop to his knees. The officer, with 10 years of service, was not equipped with a body camera, which is standard policy for lieutenants in the department. However, a second officer who arrived shortly after was wearing a body camera.

Use of Force

As the situation escalated, the lieutenant shouted at Allsen, warning him not to reach for a weapon before ultimately firing at him. According to court records, officers recovered several rounds of ammunition and three guns from the scene, two of which were found on Allsen’s person.

Continued Investigation

The incident remains under investigation by the Oklahoma City Police Department as they work to gather more information and determine the events leading up to the confrontation. The use of force by officers will also be reviewed as part of the ongoing inquiry.

As the community awaits further updates on the situation, concerns about police response tactics and the use of deadly force continue to be a topic of discussion.

Stay Informed

For more updates on this developing story and other news from Oklahoma City, be sure to follow our website for the latest information.

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