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In Syria, amidst the 13-year conflict that has claimed countless lives, there are stories of revival among Christians. George, a young man from northeastern Syria, faced persecution and torture at the hands of Islamic extremists. Forced to choose between his faith and his life, George made a difficult decision to recite the Islamic Shahada to escape death. Miraculously, he was rescued by the Syrian army and found a renewed sense of purpose in his faith. Despite the trauma he endured, George now shares his story of salvation and serves his church. International Christian Concern supports Christians like George in Syria as they continue to face persecution and suffering. Contact ICC for interviews.

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Location of the Incident

In the war-torn country of Syria, where conflict has ravaged the land for over a decade, a young man named George found himself at the center of a harrowing ordeal that tested his faith and resilience.

Personal Background


George, a native of northeastern Syria, grew up in a devout Christian family that instilled in him a strong belief in God from a young age. However, when he moved to western Syria to pursue his studies in medicine, he drifted away from his family and faith, grappling with doubts and nearly succumbing to atheism.

The Kidnapping

In 2014, while on a bus journey to visit his family in the northeast, George’s life took a terrifying turn when militants from Jabhat al-Nusra halted the bus and targeted passengers who identified as Christians. Despite his attempts to conceal his faith, George was exposed, kidnapped, and thrust into a nightmare of captivity and torment.

A Test of Faith

For days, George endured unimaginable suffering at the hands of his captors, who sought to break his spirit and force him to renounce his Christian beliefs. Facing the ultimatum of death or conversion to Islam, George made a heartbreaking choice out of fear for his life, only to experience a miraculous escape when Syrian forces intervened during a raid on the militants’ camp.

Rediscovering Faith

Emerging from the ordeal physically scarred but spiritually renewed, George found solace in the belief that God had spared his life for a greater purpose. Grateful for his deliverance, he embraced his Christian faith with newfound zeal, dedicating himself to serving his church and sharing his testimony of survival with others.

Support and Encouragement

Despite the lingering trauma of his ordeal, George draws strength from the support of organizations like International Christian Concern (ICC), which stands in solidarity with persecuted Christians in Syria. Through their assistance and encouragement, individuals like George find the strength to persevere in the face of ongoing persecution and hardship.


In a country torn apart by conflict and religious strife, George’s story serves as a testament to the resilience of faith and the power of redemption in the face of adversity. Through his journey from captivity to freedom, he embodies the unwavering spirit of those who refuse to be silenced by persecution, finding hope and healing in the midst of darkness.

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