Ashwini Koshta : “Porsche car crash: Teen tried as adult, lawyer reveals 90-day procedure”

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2. Teen tried as adult in Porsche crash case

Prashant Patil, lawyer of the juvenile involved in the Pune crash case, stated that the Juvenile Justice Board follows a 90-day procedure to determine whether the 17-year-old should be considered an adult. The teenager, involved in a car accident that tragically took two lives, had his bail cancelled and was remanded to an observation home until June 5. Investigating agencies have 30 days to file a chargesheet after a juvenile is arrested, followed by a two-month process including psychological and social assessments. Additionally, the teenager’s father and two hotel employees are in police custody for allegedly serving alcohol to the minor. -With inputs from agencies.

1. Juvenile legal process for trying teen as adult
2. Determining teen as adult in 90-day procedure

The tragic Pune crash incident that shook the city recently has left many in shock. The accident, which claimed the lives of two IT professionals, Ashwini Koshta and Aneesh Awadhia, has brought to light the importance of road safety and responsible alcohol consumption.

**Juvenile Justice Board Procedure**

Prashant Patil, the lawyer representing the juvenile involved in the case, shed light on the Juvenile Justice Board’s 90-day procedure to determine whether the 17-year-old should be considered as an adult. According to Patil, the process laid out in the Juvenile Justice Act involves various assessments and tests to ascertain the juvenile’s maturity level and culpability in the accident. The decision to cancel the teenager’s bail and remand him to an observation home until June 5 underscores the seriousness of the situation.

**Investigation and Arrests**


Following the accident, the investigating agencies must adhere to strict timelines, including filing a chargesheet within 30 days of the juvenile’s arrest. Patil highlighted the subsequent two-month procedure, which involves psychological evaluations, social assessments, and de-addiction tests to determine the teenager’s state of mind and potential influences leading up to the tragedy.

**Legal Ramifications**

In a significant development, the sessions court has remanded Vishal Agarwal, the minor’s father, and two employees of Hotel Black Club, Nitesh Shevani and Jayesh Gavkar, in police custody. The allegations against Agarwal and the hotel employees for serving alcohol to an underage person have added a new dimension to the case. The police are taking strict action against those responsible for enabling the teenager to consume alcohol before the fatal accident.

**Community Impact**

The Pune crash incident has sparked conversations about accountability, underage drinking, and road safety within the community. The tragic loss of two lives has prompted calls for stricter regulations and enforcement to prevent similar incidents in the future. The local authorities are working towards creating awareness and promoting responsible behaviour among youth to avoid such devastating outcomes.


As the investigation into the Pune crash case unfolds, the focus remains on seeking justice for the victims and ensuring that all those involved are held accountable for their actions. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of following laws and regulations to prevent avoidable tragedies on the roads. It is crucial for individuals and establishments to adhere to legal guidelines and promote a culture of responsibility to safeguard lives and prevent such heartbreaking incidents from reoccurring.

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