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By | May 21, 2024



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Four young suspects, including three minors and an 18-year-old, have been arrested after a drive-by shooting near Daytona Beach. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office responded to the shooting at a home on Shaw Lake Road and detained the suspects in a red Toyota Tacoma. Two handguns, ammunition, and shell casings were recovered from the truck. No injuries were reported, but the suspects face serious felony charges including firing into an occupied dwelling and possession of a firearm. The suspects, aged 15 to 18, are in custody and facing legal consequences. Stay informed with the latest news by joining our newsletter today.

1. Drive-by shooting arrests near Daytona Beach
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Drive-by Shooting Near Daytona Beach Leads to Arrest of Four Suspects

In a shocking incident that took place late Sunday night, four young suspects, including three minors and an 18-year-old, were apprehended following a drive-by shooting near Pierson, a small town located approximately 35 miles west of Daytona Beach. The incident unfolded at a home on Shaw Lake Road, where multiple gunshots were fired, leaving bullet holes in the front of the house and an interior wall.

Suspects Apprehended with Firearms and Ammunition

Upon receiving a description of the suspect vehicle and tag number, deputies from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office swiftly located a red Toyota Tacoma en route to the scene. The occupants of the vehicle were detained during a traffic stop, during which deputies discovered two handguns, boxes of ammunition, additional magazines, and plastic bags containing spent shell casings. Thankfully, no injuries were reported as a result of the shooting.

Serious Charges Laid Against the Suspects

Following their apprehension, the suspects were sternly warned by law enforcement officers about the seriousness of their actions. Charges laid against the individuals included firing into an occupied dwelling, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, discharging a firearm from a vehicle, and firing a weapon in public or on residential property.

The suspects involved in the incident were identified as 18-year-old Zared Castaneda, 15-year-old Jesus Castaneda, 15-year-old Angel Ruiz-Rios, and 16-year-old Brian Hernandez. In addition to the aforementioned charges, the juveniles were also charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by a minor. Castaneda faced additional charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Legal Consequences for the Culprits

As a result of their actions, the oldest suspect, Zared Castaneda, was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail and is currently being held on no bond. The younger suspects were processed at the Volusia Family Resource Center before being handed over to the Department of Juvenile Justice for further legal proceedings.

Community Response and Impact

The drive-by shooting near Daytona Beach has left the local community shaken, as residents grapple with the reality of such violent incidents occurring in their midst. Law enforcement officials have assured the public that they are committed to ensuring the safety and security of all residents in the area.

As the investigation into the drive-by shooting continues, authorities are urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward and assist in bringing the perpetrators to justice. The swift apprehension of the suspects serves as a reminder of the dedication and vigilance of law enforcement in upholding the law and protecting the community.