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Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Herb Baumeister victim identification
2. Coroner identification in Herb Baumeister case

The recently identified remains found at Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield have been confirmed to belong to Jeff Jones, a known victim of serial killer Herb Baumeister. Baumeister, who operated out of Fox Hollow Farm in the early to mid-1990s, targeted men he met in gay bars. Since 1996, the unidentified bones and bone fragments have been in storage until Hamilton County Coroner Jeff Jellison decided to reopen the case. Investigators now have four additional DNA profiles to identify, bringing the total number of victims to 12. The FBI will assist in genetic genealogy investigation to bring closure to the remaining unidentified victims.

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Identification of Previously Unidentified Remains in Westfield

NOBLESVILLE — The Hamilton County Coroner’s Office has made a breakthrough in the case of unidentified remains recovered at Fox Hollow Farm in Westfield. The remains have been identified as belonging to Jeff Jones, one of the known victims of serial killer Herb Baumeister.

Jeff Jones went missing in 1993, and his remains have been among the unidentified bones and bone fragments that have been in storage since 1996. Coroner Jeff Jellison made the positive identification after reopening the case to find answers.

History of Fox Hollow Farm

Fox Hollow Farm was the home of accused serial killer Herb Baumeister, who is believed to have picked up men in gay bars and brought them back to his residence in the early to mid-1990s, where he killed them. The investigation into Baumeister’s crimes has been ongoing since the discovery of his victims.

Continued Investigation

According to Coroner Jellison, there are four additional DNA profiles from unidentified remains that have not yet been identified, bringing the total number of victims to 12. These profiles will be sent to the FBI for genetic genealogy investigation to further the identification process.


Due to the condition of the remains, which were found burnt and crushed, the investigation presents significant challenges. However, the team of law enforcement and forensic specialists working on the case remain dedicated to uncovering the truth. Special recognition is given to the FBI, Indiana State Police Laboratory, Dr. Krista Latham of the Biology & Anthropology Department at the University of Indianapolis, and DNA experts from Othram Laboratory in Texas for their contributions to the investigation.

The identification of Jeff Jones’s remains marks a significant step forward in bringing closure to the families of Baumeister’s victims and shedding light on the dark history of Fox Hollow Farm. The ongoing efforts to identify the remaining victims demonstrate a commitment to justice and accountability for those who lost their lives tragically.

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