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By | May 21, 2024



Gene Pratter, a respected federal judge who was overseeing high-profile lawsuits involving the pharmaceutical companies behind Ozempic and Mounjaro, has passed away at the age of 75, according to reports from KIRO 7 News Seattle.

Pratter’s sudden death has shocked the legal community and left many in mourning. She was known for her sharp intellect, unwavering commitment to justice, and tireless work ethic. Pratter’s colleagues and friends remember her as a dedicated and fair-minded judge who always put the law above all else.

Pratter’s passing comes as a blow to the ongoing lawsuits involving Ozempic and Mounjaro, two drugs that have been the subject of intense scrutiny and legal battles. As the presiding judge in these cases, Pratter was tasked with overseeing the complex litigation and ensuring that the rights of all parties involved were protected.

The news of Pratter’s death has left many wondering about the future of these lawsuits and who will now take over her responsibilities. The legal community is in mourning, and tributes have been pouring in for Pratter, with many describing her as a trailblazer in the field of law.

At this time, the cause of Pratter’s death has not been confirmed, and details surrounding her passing remain unclear. The legal community is reeling from the loss of such a prominent figure, and many are grappling with the shock of her sudden departure.

Pratter’s legacy as a federal judge overseeing complex cases will undoubtedly live on, as she leaves behind a lasting impact on the legal system and all those who had the privilege of working with her. Her dedication to justice and unwavering commitment to upholding the law will be remembered by all who knew her.


As the news of Gene Pratter’s death continues to unfold, the legal community is left to reflect on the legacy of a remarkable judge who dedicated her life to serving the cause of justice. Pratter’s passing is a loss not only for her family and friends but for the entire legal community, who have lost a true champion of the law.

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