Dale Chorman : Alaska man killed by moose while photographing calves

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A 70-year-old Alaska man was tragically killed by a mother moose while trying to photograph her two newborn calves in Homer. The victim, Dale Chorman, was attacked as he and another man searched for the moose in the brush. The second man escaped unharmed and did not witness the attack. Moose in Alaska, numbering up to 200,000, can be aggressive when protecting their young. The state Department of Fish and Game advises giving moose extra space during calving season. Cow moose, especially with calves, can be unpredictable and dangerous if provoked. These large animals can weigh up to 800 pounds and stand nearly 6 feet tall.

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The Tragic Moose Attack in Homer, Alaska

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 70-year-old man from Homer, Alaska, met his untimely demise while trying to capture photos of newborn moose calves. The man, identified as Dale Chorman, was fatally attacked by the protective mother moose as he and another companion ventured into the brush in search of the animals.

A Terrifying Encounter

The female moose had recently given birth to the calves in the picturesque town of Homer, known for its stunning natural landscapes and abundant wildlife. The two men were caught off guard as the cow moose suddenly charged at them, with Chorman bearing the brunt of the attack. Despite their attempts to flee, the mother moose’s maternal instincts kicked in, leading to a tragic outcome.

The Dangers of Calving Season

Alaska, with its vast wilderness and diverse wildlife, is home to a large population of moose. These majestic creatures are generally peaceful, but during calving season, they can become fiercely protective of their young. The Department of Fish and Game advises people to give moose, especially those with calves, a wide berth to avoid potential conflicts.

Understanding Moose Behaviour

Moose, the largest members of the deer family, can weigh up to 800 pounds for females and double that for males. Standing nearly 6 feet tall, they command respect in their natural habitat. Cow moose, in particular, exhibit heightened aggression when it comes to safeguarding their offspring, making them potentially dangerous if provoked.


Staying Safe in Moose Country

For residents and visitors alike, it’s essential to exercise caution when encountering moose in the wild. Avoid startling or cornering them, and never come between a mother moose and her calves. These animals can act unpredictably when feeling threatened, putting human safety at risk.


The tragic incident in Homer serves as a somber reminder of the importance of respecting wildlife boundaries. While encounters with moose can be awe-inspiring, they can also turn deadly if proper precautions are not taken. Let this unfortunate event be a lesson in coexisting harmoniously with nature’s magnificent creatures in the wilds of Alaska.

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