Arizona AG vote Mayes Hamadeh”: “Attorney General Race: Mayes vs. Hamadeh – Votes Remain Uncounted

By | May 21, 2024



1. Arizona Attorney General election
2. Kris Mayes vs Abe Hamadeh
3. Uncounted ballots in Arizona AG race

More AZ Lawfare: "For Attorney General, did you vote for Democrat Kris Mayes or Republican Abe Hamadeh?"
43% Mayes
49% Hamadeh (+6)
4% someone else
5% not sure

That's why lawful @AbrahamHamadeh ballots in this race remain uncounted

The latest Arizona lawfare update reveals a close race between Democrat Kris Mayes and Republican Abe Hamadeh for Attorney General. With 43% of the votes going to Mayes and 49% to Hamadeh, the race is neck and neck. However, 4% voted for someone else and 5% are unsure. The tweet from Rasmussen Reports highlights that lawful ballots for Hamadeh are still uncounted, indicating a potential shift in the results. Stay tuned for more updates on this closely watched race. Follow @AbrahamHamadeh for the latest developments. #ArizonaElections #AttorneyGeneralRace #LawfareUpdate

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The battle for the Attorney General position in Arizona continues to heat up as the votes are being tallied. According to a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports, the race between Democrat Kris Mayes and Republican Abe Hamadeh is neck and neck, with Hamadeh holding a slight lead of 6% over Mayes. The poll revealed that 43% of voters supported Mayes, while 49% threw their support behind Hamadeh.

It’s important to note that 4% of voters chose someone else, and 5% were unsure of who they voted for. This uncertainty and the slim margin between the two candidates are why the lawful ballots for @AbrahamHamadeh in this race remain uncounted.

The results of this poll highlight the importance of every vote in an election, especially in such a closely contested race. Every vote truly does matter, and the outcome can be swayed by just a few percentage points.

The choice between Mayes and Hamadeh is significant, as it will determine the direction of the Attorney General’s office in Arizona. Each candidate brings their own set of values, priorities, and policies to the table, and voters must carefully consider which candidate aligns best with their own beliefs and vision for the state.

Kris Mayes, a Democrat, has a background in public service and has served on the Arizona Corporation Commission. She is known for her advocacy on environmental issues and consumer protection. Mayes has a track record of standing up for the rights of Arizonans and fighting for a more sustainable future for the state.

On the other hand, Abe Hamadeh, a Republican, is a former prosecutor and has a strong background in law enforcement. He has emphasized the importance of upholding the rule of law and ensuring the safety and security of all Arizonans. Hamadeh is committed to cracking down on crime and protecting the rights of victims.

As voters weigh their options, they must consider not only the candidates themselves but also the values and policies they represent. The Attorney General plays a crucial role in upholding the law, protecting the rights of citizens, and ensuring justice is served.

The outcome of this race will have far-reaching implications for Arizona, impacting everything from public safety to environmental protection. It’s important for voters to educate themselves on the candidates and make an informed decision when casting their vote.

In the coming days, as the remaining lawful ballots for @AbrahamHamadeh are counted, the race for Attorney General in Arizona will continue to unfold. Every vote will be crucial in determining the outcome, and the future direction of the state’s legal system.

Source: [Rasmussen Reports](

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