Carlos Hernandez Castandea : JPD Weekend Arrests: Local News Updates

By | April 23, 2024



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Over the weekend, the Jasper Police Department in Jasper, UK, was busy with multiple incidents. On Friday night, officers arrested Carlos Hernandez Castandea, 28, of Huntingburg, for driving under the influence after he was stopped for crossing the center line in a black BMW X53. The following evening, Christian Aponte Velez, 28, of Jasper, was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and obstruction of justice. Another incident involved Quentin McMickle, 26, of Eckerty, who was arrested for causing a disturbance and damaging private property. Lastly, Luis Funtes Munoz, 20, of Midland, TX, was arrested for theft and underage drinking. Stay informed with the latest news from Jasper.

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Busy Weekend for Jasper Police Department

Over the weekend, the Jasper Police Department was kept on their toes with a series of incidents that required their immediate attention. The events unfolded in various locations around the city, keeping officers busy and ensuring the safety of the community.

Intoxicated Driver Arrested on Old Huntingburg Road

It all started on a Friday evening when the JPD received a call about a possible intoxicated driver on Old Huntingburg Road near West 100 South. Officers swiftly responded to the scene and conducted a traffic stop of a black BMW X53 that was seen crossing the center line multiple times. The driver, identified as Carlos Hernandez Castandea, 28, from Huntingburg, was found to be impaired and was subsequently taken into custody.

Castandea was booked into the Dubois County Security Center on preliminary charges of possession of marijuana, operating while intoxicated with endangerment, and operating while intoxicated with a controlled substance.

OWI Arrest on Saint Charles Street

On Sunday evening, another incident unfolded at the intersection of Saint Charles Street and Cobblestone Road. Officers pulled over a vehicle driven by Christian Aponte Velez, 28, from Jasper, and determined that he was operating under the influence. Velez refused a chemical test, prompting officers to obtain a search warrant for his blood and urine samples. He was eventually booked into the Dubois County Security Center on charges of obstruction of justice and operating a vehicle while intoxicated with endangerment.


Disturbance at Main Street

Multiple 911 calls alerted the JPD to a disturbance at 1321 Main Street in Jasper. Upon arrival, officers encountered Quentin McMickle, 26, from Eckerty, who matched the description provided by witnesses. After investigating the incident, police found significant damage to private property and took McMickle into custody. He was booked on charges of residential entry, criminal mischief, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and resisting law enforcement.

Theft at Holiday Liquors

Late Saturday night, the JPD responded to a call reporting a theft at southside Holiday Liquors. Officers were able to locate the suspect, Luis Funtes Munoz, 20, from Midland, TX, at a local hotel. Munoz admitted to taking the items, but it was discovered that he was underage for drinking. He was arrested and charged with theft and minor in possession of alcohol.

Overall, it was a hectic weekend for the Jasper Police Department, with officers responding to a range of incidents across the city. Their prompt action and dedication to keeping the community safe are commendable.