Sheldon Walters, Joseph Campbell : Spanish Town Police Alert: Protest After Fatal Gangster Shooting

By | April 20, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. “Alerta policial en Spanish Town: protesta tras tiroteo fatal de ‘gangsters'”
2. “Tiroteo en Spanish Town: policía en alerta por protesta tras muerte de ‘gangsters'”

Residents in Spanish Town and surrounding areas are in turmoil after two suspected gangsters were shot dead by police. The incidents sparked protests and road blockades in the Top Banks district. Sheldon Walters, 44, and Joseph Campbell, 37, were killed in separate confrontations. Tensions remain high as residents express anger over the shootings. Police and military presence has been increased to maintain order. Authorities are on high alert as threats against law enforcement circulate. Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay assures residents that the situation is under control. The community remains on edge as the police work to restore peace in the area.

1. Spanish Town Police on high alert following protest over gang-related shooting
2. Violent protest erupts in Spanish Town after fatal shooting of suspected gang members

Police Monitoring Spanish Town After Fatal Shooting Incidents

Authorities in Jamaica are closely monitoring parts of Spanish Town and surrounding areas following a series of protests by angry residents. The protests were sparked by the fatal shootings of two men believed to be gangsters during reported confrontations with law enforcement officers.

The first incident took place on Friday in the Top Banks district. Reports indicate that a 44-year-old man identified as Sheldon Walters, also known as Termite, from the Dover area of Kitson Town, was killed during an alleged confrontation. The police found a firearm at the scene.

A second man, identified as Joseph Campbell, 37, of Browns Lane in Central Village, was fatally shot on Saturday. The news of these incidents led to residents taking to the streets in protest, particularly in response to Friday’s event.

Protests and Road Blockades

Residents reacted strongly to the news by blocking several roads leading to Spanish Town. Thoroughfares such as March Pen Road, Burke Road, and the city’s Spanish Bypass were obstructed with debris, and some were set on fire. The actions of the residents prompted an increased police and military presence in and around the city to maintain order.


Meanwhile, the police in St. Catherine North and South have been on high alert after receiving reports that criminals have been threatening local law enforcement officers since the fatal shootings.

Police Assure Residents of Control

Senior Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay, head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Corporate Communications Unit, acknowledged the tension in Spanish Town but sought to reassure residents that the police and military have the situation under control. Authorities are working to ensure the safety and security of the area amid heightened tensions.

Residents have been urged to remain calm and cooperate with law enforcement efforts to maintain peace and order in the community. The police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the fatal shootings and are appealing to anyone with information to come forward.

As the situation in Spanish Town remains fluid, authorities are monitoring developments closely to prevent any further escalation of violence. The safety and well-being of residents are paramount, and law enforcement agencies are committed to upholding the rule of law in the area.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story as authorities work to restore calm and stability in Spanish Town and surrounding areas.